CRM & Loyalty

MLS IT Solutions have been providing CRM Consulting and Custom Solutions to small, medium and enterprise clients for 15 years.

Whether you are looking to build relationships within a B2B or B2C environment, we can help provide you with the correct tools to drive engagement, improve your sales team’s performance, and effectively support your sales strategy, whilst building long lasting relationships with customers and clients alike. Upon executing an in-depth analysis of your business’ current customer relationship management processes, and your existing CRM Solutions, our consultants will guide you on the best solutions and custom tools to enhance your B2B or B2C relationships.

Our CRM Consultancy team are experienced in working with a variety of CRM Solutions that can be customized to meet the needs of your sales team, whether it be a small cost effective custom solution, for small business, or a powerful CRM Platform for enterprise organizations to optimize their global sales management and processes. We specialize in solutions such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 amongst others, that will assist in your sales team’s productivity, promoting enhanced customer relationship management, pipeline management, client account management, and sales forecasting and reporting. Give your sales team a competitive advantage and drive revenue by implementing the best CRM Solutions and custom tools to meet your employees and management’s day to day requirements.


CRM Consulting and Development Services

Our CRM Consultants are experienced at providing clients a full range of services to meet business’ specific requirements, and can provide tailored service packages, that meet your CRM project needs, from;

  • Business and CRM Process Analysis
  • CRM Custom Development
  • Cloud and On-Premise CRM Platform Customization.
  • Custom add-ons and Upgrades
  • Corporate Systems Integration
  • CRM Migration Services
  • End - User Training
  • CRM Support and Maintenance Services

Choose specific services that meet your projects requirements or benefit from our full range of CRM Consulting and Development Services.   

CRM consulting services

Our CRM Consultancy Team have delivered a multitude of projects across various industries, from retail, healthcare, banking, industrial, education and more. 


CRM customization

MLS IT Solution can tailor your CRM Solution to meet your business's needs, and resolve your sales team’s daily challenges, whether you are looking to increase your sales team’s collaboration, improve their pipeline management, or achieve enhanced reporting and insights into your sales team’s performance and day to day activities. 

Customizable CRM add-ons

Our team can advise your business on a vast array of customizable add-ons that will enhance your sales team’s performance and reporting.

By integrating customizable addons such as email marketing and tracking applications, to time management and reporting solutions, we can assist your team in developing improved sales processes, pipeline management, and customer relationship management, as well as enhancing sales management capabilities, and the augmentation of more effective sales strategies, with advanced analytics and data management solutions.

Upgrade, Maintenance & Support

To meet the demands of growing businesses, out team can upgrade your existing solution to a current version or provide migration services to an alternative CRM System. We also provide full maintenance and support services, to ensure your CRM Solutions reliability, and the security of your corporate information.


Our CRM consultancy team can help you achieve the maximum performance from your CRM Solution by understanding your business goals and organizational processes. 

We endeavor to improve your sales teams output by providing tools that will enhance

  • Customer/Client Relationship Management
  • Pipeline Management and Lead Nurturing.
  • Strategic CAC (Customer Acquisition Costs) & LTV (Lifetime Value) Analysis.
  • Loyalty Management, Client Account Management and Account Development
  • Accurate Sales Forecasting and Analytics


Customer Loyalty Management Systems

Our team can assist your business in creating your very own dynamic customer loyalty program, tailored to your specific requirements, by integrating with POS (Point of Sale) Software, Website, and ERP, we offer full business system integration, so that you can manage your customer loyalty program from one feature rich platform.


At MLS IT Solution, we understand that each business is unique, and each industry comes with its own specific customer relationship management challenges. Our team are experienced in delivering CRM Solutions to a broad range of industry sectors, from developing mobile optimized B2C Solutions to retail clients, to advanced CRM Solutions to enterprise level professional service organizations.  

If you are looking for a cost effective B2B, or B2C CRM Solution that meets your company’s specific goals, maximizes your sales teams output, and delivers the relationship management tools you require to give your business a competitive advantage, then call our team today for a free consultation.