SharePoint Consulting

For 15 years, SharePoint Solution has been providing Microsoft Consulting Services to small, medium, and enterprise businesses,

that increase employee engagement, collaboration, and improve your organizations internal and external processes.

SharePoint Solution SharePoint Consulting Experience

  • 15 Years of experience in delivering Microsoft Solutions
  • 15 Years Development Experience, building customized solutions on Office 365,SharePoint On-Premise, and SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint Team consists of 4 Microsoft SharePoint Experts

Enhance Your Business’ Workflows and End User Collaboration

Why choose SharePoint solution for your Business?

  • Inspire end user collaboration
  • Improve operational processes
  • Enhance productivity across your company
  • Build a collective workplace community

Enable Real-Time End User Collaboration

If your business is looking to promote communications across your organization’s departments, or across multiple offices, SharePoint Solutions can help provide your business with strong collaboration tools that drives employee engagement, enhances collaboration, accelerates project management capabilities, and improves the overall performance of your company’s workforce, to drive business growth and increase revenue.

Consolidate Company-Wide Knowledge

Convert your employee's knowledge into a valuable business asset by utilizing SharePoint Solutions. Take end users innovative ideas, brainstorming sessions, and current project data, and consolidate it all within a powerful knowledge management platform. Build on company knowledge assets whilst facilitating your business’ decision-making processes, and improve each end user, and corporate teams’ knowledge transfer, and competencies.

Focus in on Organizational Processes With Enterprise System Integration

SharePoint Solution will assist your business in integrating your existing enterprise systems, such as CRM, HRM, ERP and ECM Solutions. By integrating your existing solutions, we can help you ensure continuity of established business processes, and help increase end user compliance. Create a multipurpose platform with SharePoint Integration, and adopt a productive collaborative end user environment, that serves as a :

Integrated with enterprise systems, SharePoint becomes an all-purpose tool that serves as:

  • platform that enables continuous unified communication across your company’s workforce
  • secure storage facility that ensures your companies document safety and privacy.
  • centralized platform for accessing knowledge assets, and promoting compliance across business processes, as well as educating teams on business strategies, ensuring your workforce and departments are all working together, to reach the same set business goals.

Transform Your Business Processes Into Effective Workflows

Utilize SharePoint as a powerful tool in transforming your business processes into effective workflows. Our SharePoint consultants can help you at any point of automating your company’s workflow, by assessing existing workflows and tailoring them to meet your specific organizational needs. Our consultants can also help in developing new workflows, that are aligned with your business strategies.

Our team can develop complex workflows for your business, by deploying custom or out-of-the-box SharePoint Solutions.

  • State machine/sequential workflows
  • Site/list workflows
  • Reusable/non-reusable workflows
  • Custom event receivers (synchronous/asynchronous)

Manage and Enhance Company Wide Innovation

Our Team can assist your business in managing and enhancing your employee’s innovations by customizing your SharePoint Platform to enable management of research processes, and nurturing of end user’s ideas and brainstorming sessions. The platform can empower your employees to manage their own innovation cycle, collaborate on ideas and brainstorming sessions, and incorporate innovations, to promote and develop your business strategies. Our experienced team will assist you in tailoring and utilizing your SharePoint Solution to your business’ best possible advantage, throughout every step of your SharePoint project.We offer a full range of SharePoint Consultancy Services :

  • Consulting and Configuration
  • Business Analysis
  • Customization
  • Project Management
  • Enterprise System Integration
  • Migration
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Quality Assurance


At SharePoint Solution we understand that your company’s deployment of a SharePoint platform is designed for the purpose of facilitating employee’s activities and performance. A successful SharePoint Platform will result in a high-end user adoption rate. We can help your business meet your SharePoint goals by ;

  • Winning End Users’ Engagement
  • Ensuring Security & Data Protection
  • Developing a Stable Platform that Provides Enhanced Performance

Contact SharePoint Solution to discuss your SharePoint challenges, and to find out how our SharePoint Consulting Team can help you with your SharePoint project. Contact us today for a free consultation.