SharePoint Support and Maintenance

At SharePoint Solution our experienced technical support team can ensure that your SharePoint solution is fully performing.

We understand that your SharePoint solution should be reliable in performing multiple tasks and assisting end users in their daily duties. In order to guarantee your SharePoint solution is fully functional and error free, we provide a full range of SharePoint support and maintenance services.

Our experienced technical support team applies 15 years of Microsoft knowledge to provide high quality support services and technical solutions to your SharePoint challenges. We endeavor to provide long term solutions and first-time fixes to performance issues, user adoption, or functionality challenges, to minimize any downtime of your organization's functions, or negative impacts on your employee’s performance.

Our full range of SharePoint support and maintenance services are available across all versions SharePoint Online, SharePoint On-Premise or Hybrid Solutions. We provide tailored, cost effective packages to meet your business’ specific requirements.

SharePoint Technical Support

At SharePoint Solution our technical support team has a vast knowledge base of SharePoint Solutions and many years’ experience in providing technical fixes to many SharePoint challenges. Our technical support team utilizes their experience to offer clients first time fixes, where possible, and place priority on minimizing the interruption to your business processes, and employee’s daily tasks. Our SharePoint support and maintenance services include;

Debugging and verification of coding errors


Fixing performance issues related to integration issues, or low page response, accessibility issues to SharePoint sites


Amending or resetting user permissions, user authentication, and accessibility issues.


Applying fixes to content management problems, such as indexing errors, content sharing issues, or content creation problems.


Resolving problems with hardware or architecture e.g. overloaded servers, misconfigured servers. poorly designed farms


Fixing misconfigured applications and add-ons, e.g. incompatible add-ins, search functionality issues, errors with workflows.


SharePoint Proactive Maintenance Services

Our SharePoint team provides full proactive maintenance services for businesses, who do not have the inhouse technical capabilities to maintain their solution. Our team monitors your SharePoint solution in order to quickly detect any performance or security issues and apply timely fixes before they interrupt your organizations performance. Find out more about our proactive maintenance services by visiting our SharePoint Health Check Page In addition to SharePoint Health Check Services, we offer the following services to support your business’ IT Department in maintaining your SharePoint Solution;

SharePoint Systems updates, Feature and Service Pack updates, to ensure high performance and availability of advanced new features and functionality.


Security checks and security patch updates, to ensure data protection and secure document sharing and collaboration.


Enterprise Software Integration, to enhance your solutions capabilities, and cross department collaboration. (SharePoint integration with ERP, CRM, HR, Finance Software etc.


Installation of new custom features that can stream line your business processes and increase your end user’s performance. Our team helps your business to continuously adapt and improve your SharePoint solution to meet your requirements and provide your end users with innovative, time saving applications and features, enhancing your end users experience of their SharePoint solution.


SharePoint Consulting Advanced Support

When your business is facing more than just a standard performance issue and have complex SharePoint challenges to resolve you can rely on our dedicated team of SharePoint Consultants. We have many years’ experience in resolving complex issues such as migration on sensitive databases, designing and developing SharePoint Hybrid solutions to moving your on-premise platform to an advanced cloud solution. Whatever your SharePoint challenge our SharePoint consultants are here to help you research, design and implement innovative solutions to meet your business requirements and improve your organization's processes.

End User SharePoint Training Services

As part of our full cycle of SharePoint Services, our team offers extensive training and assistance to help your employees navigate the platform and make use of your solutions full functionality. We provide extensive training sessions, for end users, SharePoint administrators and SharePoint Developers. Our training sessions do not just provide support on the platform basics, but helps your organization focus on developing a more collaborative working environment, as well as developing knowledge management and other unique features that SharePoint offers. Our training sessions are focused around engaging your end users and helping them to discover how SharePoint can assist them in their daily performance, and work-related tasks, to increase user adoption rates, and overall user experience.

SharePoint Service Benefits

  • 24/7 support and maintenance services
  • Fast response times to critical SharePoint issues
  • Experienced consultancy team for assistance with complex challenges
  • Tailored, cost effective support and maintenance packages to meet your specific requirements and budget.
  • Confidential and secure services - SharePoint consulting, project planning and delivery


What is Your SharePoint Challenge?

If you are having issues with your SharePoint Solution call our friendly team of consultants today, and we will tailor a support and maintenance package specifically for you.