SharePoint Health Check

As part of SharePoint maintenance services, our technical support team offers businesses a SharePoint Health Check Service.

We provide these services to small businesses who do not have the technical capabilities inhouse to monitor their SharePoint environment, and also to larger businesses looking to reduce the workload and strain on their IT Department.

Our team can help your business to ensure your SharePoint Solution is running at optimum levels by assessing the current efficiency of your SharePoint Solution, providing in depth monitoring services to highlight performance issues early and to provide quick solutions, and to ensure your system is secure and your data is protected at all times.

Our SharePoint Health Check Service results in a reliable, stable platform for your end users, that retains user’s engagement and collaboration efforts and minimizes interruptions to your business processes and employee’s daily tasks.

Our in-depth monitoring identifies current and potential problems within your SharePoint environment, and by revealing all the platforms pain points we can then deliver your business a detailed plan to resolve each issue. We can then restore the high performing functionality of your platform and free up your IT Departments time to carry other important projects and tasks.

Our SharePoint Health Check Services

Our SharePoint Health Check covers monitoring of your solution’s performance, security, and stability. We carry out the following SharePoint Health Check Services using the following audit and monitoring methods :

  • Full Assessment of your SharePoint farm, and custom applications
  • Reviewing your custom code
  • Assessing compliance with Microsoft Minimum Recommended Rules
  • Full Assessment Custom application assessment and custom code review
  • Full assessment of End User Experience
  • Analyzing Load-time
  • In depth Security Audit of your platform


Why Do You Need SharePoint Health Check?

Our SharePoint technical support team has helped clients from various industries, with common SharePoint challenges. By implementing a SharePoint Health Check Service, we can resolve these challenges quickly and efficiently, allowing your employees to concentrate on their performance and daily tasks.

Challenge Inadequate Performance.
  • Solution : In depth performance monitoring to find the root of any issues and apply fast effective solutions.


Challenge - Security Risks.
  • Solution : Vulnerability scanning to detect any security risks such as inadequate patching, incorrect user permissions, misconfigured applications


Challenge - Low User Adoption Rates.
  • Solution : Full assessment of end user experience, and designing improved UI, features and tools, and reconfiguration to align your platform with your business goals and corporate identity.


Challenge - High Maintenance Costs.
  • Solution : Proactive maintenance of your SharePoint Solution to identify security risks or performance issues before they become major problems, and costly to resolve.


Assessment of SharePoint Farm, Custom application assessment, and custom code review

SharePoint farm assessment comprises different steps targeted at revealing SharePoint performance issues caused by the deployment’s improper architecture or incorrect setup. At this stage, we focus on:

  • Logical infrastructure sizing and capacity assessment
  • Assessment of thresholds and limitations of physical infrastructure
  • Farm configuration assessment
  • SQL server assessment
  • Proxy tier assessment
  • SharePoint log analysis
  • Authentication and networking assessment
  • Assessment of service accounts
  • Search configuration assessment
  • Backup and recovery assessment


To evaluate the overall state of custom applications within your SharePoint solution, IT Consulting performs the following activities:

  • Examining custom applications’ logs for a defined period of time.
  • Analyzing all exceptions generated by custom applications.
  • Reviewing pieces of custom code to reveal redundant complexities, errors in particular statements, code mismatches (they often appear after migration to a higher SharePoint version).


During the code review stage, we put our effort into critical issues, including potential security holes, application crashes and other logic and design errors in the code. Our SharePoint specialists also evaluate custom features that often affect SharePoint performance:

  • Event receivers
  • Delegate controls
  • Master page functionality
  • HTTP modules/HTTP handlers/services
  • Custom authentication providers
  • Custom webparts
  • Custom pages
  • Custom actions
  • Timer Jobs


SharePoint Content Assessment and Analysis

SharePoint Solution defines content that may affect the system’s performance. We use PowerShell scripts to get the following information:

  • Subsites count
  • Items count
  • Fields count
  • Resource throttling configuration


Among multiple issues that content assessment allows revealing, there can be too large SharePoint lists with an excessive number of items that cause a significant performance decrease. Acting in line with the Microsoft Minimum Recommended Rules, we provide you with tips on a careful restructuring of large document libraries to reach the optimal performance level.

Thorough Analysis of Load-time

Our team provide in depth analysis of your site's pages and register load times, in order to highlight any performance issues. We will also analyze your solutions load time across a variety of browsers including Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. Our team will then inspect custom designs and custom styles and deeply customized sites can create performance issues.

Full Assessment of User Experience

Our team provides a full assessment of your users' experience of your SharePoint Solution, from analyzing the popularity of your current solution to testing your site logic, navigation and ease of use from the perspective of an end user, across varying organizational roles. We also analyze how design flaws are impacting on your user adoption rates and research solutions. Our team is also able to carry out in depth analysis of mobile versions of your SharePoint solution as well as custom mobile applications. We can analyze your platforms responsive design, performance and enabled features.

SharePoint Security Audit

Our SharePoint team pays particular attention to security aspects. We help you evaluate the overall protection of your SharePoint solution and its parts to ensure that your corporate data is safe. Depending on your deployment’s characteristics, we put our effort into:

  • Verification of AV configuration
  • Reviewing security updates and applying appropriate patches
  • Reviewing SharePoint security certificates
  • Analyzing authentication processes
  • Performing an audit of your SharePoint user permissions
  • Local server security configuration review


Concluding Your SharePoint Health Check

In concluding our SharePoint Health Check Service, we provide our clients with a detailed report highlighting the issues and problems we have discovered and provide practical, cost effective solutions. To complete our full range of SharePoint Services you can rely on our dedicated SharePoint development team to implement any fixes, upgrades or security measures your platform may require.

If you are facing challenges with your current SharePoint Solution, contact us today for a free consultation.