SharePoint Knowledge Management

SharePoint Solution has 15 years of experience, in helping clients adopt SharePoint Solutions in order to solve

their business challenges. We have developed and implemented tailored knowledge management tools to help businesses promote organization wide knowledge, across their business network. Our clients have seen an increase in employee productivity and improvements in reaching business goals and strategies.

SharePoint Knowledge Management Solutions

SharePoint Knowledge Management Portal

SharePoint Solution team are experienced developers of Knowledge Management Portals, providing our clients with advanced functionality, and capabilities in both SharePoint and Office 365. Our experienced team has implemented knowledge management features to provide active sharing, structured knowledge storing and pervasive search amongst end users. Custom features can be added to enhance end user experience and contribution. These knowledge management features encourage employees to share their expertise, build on their skills and capabilities, and to follow their own development and business knowledge progression, throughout their employment.

SharePoint Wiki

With SharePoint Solutions, we can provide your business tailored solutions, and set SharePoint wiki page libraries. This enables your business to collect, structure, share and reuse corporate knowledge to your business’ best advantage. We will discover your business needs in order to empower your employees to contribute towards a SharePoint knowledge base that can capture innovative ideas, and be used in brainstorming activities, promoting a creative workplace environment. Information within your businesses knowledge management solution can be accessed with minimum effort, as we create indexing and metadata search tools, to allow end users to access the information they need quickly.

SharePoint Knowledge Management Site

SharePoint Solution are experienced in building custom knowledge management sites for a multitude of clients, in order to provide continuous end user collaboration on knowledge sharing that businesses can store, and easily access at any time. Our team can take SharePoint sites and add company forums, discussion boards, blogs and chat applications. We can help promote knowledge sharing throughout your business by integrating company information, libraries, and FAQ databases, which allow end users, and teams, accessibility for project management purposes, or for distribution to improve company wide knowledge in general.

Knowledge-centric Collaboration Tools

Our dedicated team can assist small businesses with more streamlined knowledge sharing and collaborative tools, for companies not yet ready for a full knowledge management solution. We can help businesses achieve this by implementing forum or chat applications into your already established Office 365 or SharePoint Solution, resulting in secure sharing of end user information, and creating a knowledge sharing environment for employees to build upon and develop, as your business grows.


Improve Your Company’s Knowledge Management Processes

We utilize our Office 365, and SharePoint consulting expertise and combine innovative approaches to knowledge management in order to provide your business with a complete knowledge management solution that fits in with your needs and company processes.

We will devise a knowledge management solution upon undergoing an in-depth analysis of your business and end user requirements. In understanding your business strategy and goals we are able to customize and implement an advanced knowledge management system, and provide full end user training, to ensure high-end user adoption rates.

SharePoint Solution Knowledge Management Services

  • Full Business Analysis and Planning
  • Architecture and Design
  • Implementation and Customization
  • Maintenance, Training and Support
  • Knowledge Management Consulting


Developing a Knowledge Management System

In order to implement a fully effective knowledge management solution, SharePoint Solution development team can integrate it with;

(HRM) Human Resource Management Solutions

Utilize existing knowledge of employee’s competencies to match them with knowledge assets, to further their development.


ERP, CRM and other business systems

Utilize knowledge assets and store them in a central knowledge management portal, enabling easy access and reuse of valuable knowledge, in order to optimize business strategies, and processes.


LMS (Learning Management Systems)

Identify end user learning requirements, and match them to knowledge management databases, ensuring efficient updating of company wide knowledge.



Common Knowledge Management Challenges and Solutions

Poor Utilization of Company Knowledge

can result in employee’s poor performance and a lack of employees following proper business processes due to company knowledge being difficult to access, and reuse.

Our solution

Adopt metadata and content indexing, providing easy access and search functionality to end users, allowing them to procure the knowledge they require, quickly and efficiently. Enable search functionality of knowledge authors, in order to provide faster access to available expertise within your business.


Insufficient Sharing of Company Knowledge

can occur when employees may not feel they have time to impart their unique knowledge, or an effective process readily available, in which to share knowledge across a company

Our solution

The solution is to implement user friendly knowledge sharing tools to allow experts within your business to easily and quickly share their knowledge. By adding motivational features, your business can increase user adoption and motivate and reward employees.


Valuable Knowledge Loss

is most at risk, when employees leave a business. The knowledge loss can be vast and have a negative impact on business operations.

Our solution

Solve this business challenge by increasing knowledge transfer, companywide, and promote knowledge distribution from enhancing collaboration from forums, workshops and training.


Out of Date Knowledge

has detrimental effects on business performance as a whole. Knowledge that has been stored for any period of time can quickly become outdated. End users accessing out of date knowledge can result in a breakdown of business processes and a lack of strategic progression.

Our solution

Resolve your knowledge maintenance challenges by utilizing tools that will allow your business to maintain accurate and up-to-date knowledge sources, by adding definitions to knowledge articles based on popularity, last modified dates, and last accessed dates, helping your business implement a structured process for knowledge document reviews.



Initiate knowledge management processes in your business with the help of a knowledge management solution. Call our experienced consultants to find out how implementing a tailored knowledge management solution can help your business.