At MLS IT Solution we have experience in providing small, medium, and enterprise clients, with advanced capabilities in (CCM) customer communications management by developing custom tools and solutions. We strive to help businesses to improve their overall customer experience through automating and personalizing customer communications across both B2B and B2C environments.

With 15 years of experience across a multitude of industry sectors such as call centers, telecoms and utilities, retail, banking, construction and more, we are certain to find the right tools, customized to meet your CCM challenges, and help you focus on growing your client base.


Consolidate Client/Customer Data Across Multiple Systems.

We integrate your customer communications management tools with your enterprise solutions, enabling your business to extract the vital client and customer data needed in order to personalize your communications and documents. Integration can be implemented with systems such as Back Office, and Front of Office Solutions such as ERP, Website, Accountancy Software, Telecom, CRM & CXM Platforms.

Customer Communication Management Integration with CRM, CXM Platforms

CRM & CXM Platforms are a vital source of client and customer data. Our CCM Development team help you to utilize your customer centric data to establish, improve and develop advanced customer communication tools and processes. Implementing an innovative, reliable CCM solution will enhance your overall customer experience offering and automate daily communication tasks and document generation, that are personalized to each unique customer and client’s needs.

Omni-Channel Document Delivery

We offer businesses with full multi-channel devilry of personalized documents, tailoring your document delivery solution to meet individual customer communication preferences. Automated document delivery can be performed a variety of communication channels such as email, web portals, print, mobile, fax, SMS and more.

Boost Cross/Up Sell with Combined Marketing and Transaction Communications

Our team develops and customizes tailored CCM tools to take maximum advantage of your up/cross- selling opportunities, with automated and personalized transaction messages, to aligning target marketing and promotional messages, aligned and created with your existing individual consumer purchasing behaviors in mind.

Generate and Automate Advanced Document Formatting

We can help you create and develop multiple advanced document templates, in combination with customer-centric data from back end systems. We will then add in your company logos, contact, details and brand profile to create tailored documents that meet clients demands in terms of presentation, detail, and formatting by adding complex tables and graphs, dynamic fields, compatibility formatting with multiple OS (Operating Systems).

Customer Document Management, Archiving, and Printing

We are experienced in helping businesses and employees stay compliant with data protection and security protocol processes, and procedures by providing Customer Document Management features and applications to provide secure administrative access, document sensitivity ratings, user permissions and automated archiving tools. Document Management Tools we can provide your CCM Solution also include:

  • Grouping and organizing documents by recipient, client segmentation, target marketing, cross selling/up selling campaigns.
  • preparing print-ready output for internal printing devices or
  • Creating Print Ready Document Grouping
  • Monitoring Document Delivery and Errors
  • Establish and develop functionality to automate compliant document management processes and archiving in line with industry specific regulations and data protection policies. 



MLS IT SOLUTION are experienced in delivering tailored solutions to a wide variety of industries. Our tailored CCM solutions include : 

CCM Tools for Retail

- Document Exchange Management across various locations/departments – warehouses, retail units, outlets.
- Automated generation of documents such as shipping, invoices, and PO
- Automated transaction and promotion communications, including omni channel upsell/cross-sell content. Email, social, SMS, web portal

CCM Tools for Telecommunications

- Mass automation and generation of regular call reports, stats and payments,
- Paper-based, and SMS communication with customers/clients
- Automation of SMS, Email, Chat, Web Portal notifications and advertisements
- Invoices & Purchase Order Management and Printing
- Automated printing of Paper- based customer communications

CCM Tools for Banking

- Scheduled Preparation and Delivery of bank statements by email
- Automated, Personalized Consumer marketing and promotional communications across multiple channels
- Personalized reports organized by categories - Account balances, Revenues, Bonuses, Shares, News, deliverable through channels such as secure web portals, online banking solutions.

Internal Communication Tools

Efficient CCM is not the only factor in improving your customer/client experience and service delivery, but also a valuable solution in effectively managing HR, Operations and other vital functions and departments that benefit from efficient, compliant, and accurate employee communication management, such as :

- Organization wide community building - HR Communications including welcome notifications of new employees to a business, referral recruitment opportunities, Internal promotion and vacancy opportunities etc.
- C-Level Communications -Organizational changes to management, processes, strategies, office locations,
- IT Service Delivery Management Communications to End Users, - notifications of scheduled system upgrades and maintenance, application launches, security risks etc.
- Document templates for HR functions, team building sessions, education and training support, IT Admin Service Updates
- Personalized and Team specific communications – reward and incentive programs, benefits packages based on length of service, team building initiatives etc.

Talk to our experienced team today to find out how we can help you improve your internal and external customer communications management.