At MLS IT Solution our CX consultancy and development team understand how vital CX tools can be in B2B environments over longer sales cycles. Account managers may be present throughout every stage of the client’s onboarding and account development, but by applying CX processes and solutions, your business can effectively facilitate account managers daily tasks and provide cross-department knowledge, in order to identify high value clients expectations, and deliver a service that will exceed them. In order to minimize the risk of losing valuable business, our team can provide CX Solutions that incorporate the best B2B CX practices within your CRM platform. We can develop custom tools and solutions that can help you manage every stage of your customer experience journey, and provide each of your departments a single platform, to access client information, allowing them to predict and resolve issues quickly, better understand how your clients engage with your organization, and increase client retention and revenue. 



Our team of developers can implement a new CRM Solution fortified with the addition of powerful CXM solutions or enhance an existing solution with CX functionality, and analytics
  • Apply consistent CX processes across all departments of your organization
  • Increase account managers performance in developing strong client relationships, where accounts have multiple contacts.
  • Empower and provide a single point of information when clients frequently require assistance across multiple departments/office locations


Post-Sale CX Delivery

We help businesses adopt CX processes that will help them analyze and visualize their client service/account management post sale, and the effect their current reengagement strategies have on their client base. We enable our clients to also analyze and quantify the effects of meeting and missing client expectations, and the effect on post sale/client renewal figures. Businesses are then able to analyze these effects and establish opportunities to increase the strength of their client relationships and increase revenue over client accounts, by concentrating on the individual client's needs, expectations, engagement level, and emotional connection to their CX journey. 

Omni-Channel Customer Experience

We enable businesses to fine tune their omni channel customer service strategies by integrating customer support tools, across a multitude of channels, with their CRM Solutions. By integrating call center solutions, web, chat, social media, and other channels of client communications, results in empowering employees to deliver a personalized, and efficient support service, tailored to each client’s expectations and needs. 


Personalize & Automate Client Communications

To assist your workforce with their daily tasks and high-volume account management, we can apply automated personalized communications, based on your client's needs and expectations. Unify your communications strategy, without losing the personal touch in your client experience management processes. Prioritize client communication functions and tailor each automated response to each individual client relationship.

VOC - "Voice of the Customer"

We enable businesses to identify each individual clients’ pain points, as well as their satisfaction levels, and perceptions, by providing tools to monitor customer feedback, easily automate survey management and capture positive and negative communications across multiple channels. In establishing where an organization is exceeding client expectations and where processes are falling short, strategic and informed decisions can be implemented to positively alter the CX journey. It also enables businesses to adopt individual processes and automate corrective actions, across a multitude of scenarios, deploying solutions to their client’s complaints or challenges, quickly and effectivly, minimizing the risk of negative feedback that can impact on future sales.

Automate CX Actions

With valuable data generated from voice of the customer and customer experience analytics, our team can enable businesses to automate action processes, and perfect strategies, based on relevant scenarios and historical data. Identify reoccurring client issues and inefficient processes, and implement timely corrections and automated solutions, to improve overall customer experience, client retention and grow revenue from existing accounts. Integrating automated CX actions from within your CRM Solution will unify your cx processes, client support and management strategies, and improve on performance across multiple departments or office locations, by enabling your workforce a single platform to access the information they require to resolve client issues and contribute towards the continuous improvement of your CXM. 

C-Level Reporting with Enhaced CX Visibility

By implementing CXM Solutions within your CRM system, we can enable you to source valuable customer experience data from across all your organization’s departments, and to generate and analyze valuable C-Level Reports. Identify where your CX processes are failing, and succeeding, fine tune and align your customer experience strategy to changes in client needs and bring together the senior decision makers in your organization, on a single platform, to collaborate on solutions to all your CX challenges.



At MLS IT Solution, we have 15 years of experience in tailoring CRM Solutions to fit specific business requirements. We have gained valuable knowledge, and insights into challenges facing a variety of industries, and across businesses of all sizes.

Our team can develop tailored CX features and functionality within your CRM Platform, providing a more cost-effective solution than building a CXM Platform from scratch. 

We pay particular attention to consultancy and planning stages, in order to gain a full picture of your CX strategies, processes and vision for your future CXM growth. We can then advise you on the best tools to adopt and offer customized solutions that are aligned with your unique requirements, but are also adaptable to changes in your customer's experience, demands, and perceptions. By integrating these tools with your enterprise system solutions, such as ERP, Accountancy Software, SOP, customer service and communication software, etc. we can feed all your valuable customer experience data through to one single platform, enabling one-point secure access to all business departments, and office locations, ensuring your workforce are unified in CX processes and are effectively collaborating to improve your customer experience management. Enterprise Solution Integration will also assist your business by making the best use of expert employee knowledge, across your entire organization. Customer Experience Solutions that we can enrich your CRM platform with, include:  

  • Collection of valuable data from each single CX touchpoint of your client experience journey.
  • Automation and personalization of email, content and channel marketing. Integrated Customer Support (chat, service portals, call center, email)
  • Customer Satisfaction and Feedback Management, (VOC) Voice of Customer Insights.
  • Automated Client Segmentation  
  • Client Loyalty Management
  • Automated Actions based on customized scenarios
  • Advanced analytics and C-Level Reporting to enable fine-tuning and effortless adaptation of your CXM strategies and challenges.



Our consultancy and development teams can assist you at every stage of your customer experience project. With 15 years of CRM and development experience, we are here to share our extensive knowledge with your organization.

You choose the scope of services you require, and we will provide you with our expert knowledge and tailored CX solutions.

Our CX Services and Solutions include :

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Business Analysis of CX maturity, - current processes and strategies
  • Pinpoint and Analyze your Clients CX Journey Touch-Points
  • Graphic Roadmap of your (CX) customer experience, strategies, and vision
  • Proof-of-Concept
  • CX Platform Customization
  • Data Migration and Enterprise System Integration
  • Testing, Maintenance and Support
  • End User Training Sessions - to ensure unified CX processes and user adoption rates  


What are your CX challenges ? If you are new to implementing a CX strategy and you are unsure of where to start, or you are facing CX challenges from within your current platform and are unsure of how to implement improvements, we are here to help. Contact us today, we are happy to provide a free, friendly consultation.