All our clients understand that in order to stay competitive within their individual industries they must be able to implement changes quickly, in order to keep up with the evolving demands of internal and external customers, by therefor adapting their customer experience (CX) offering.

At MLS IT Solution we assist small, medium, and enterprise clients with their Customer Experience Management challenges, and help them implement CXM Solutions specifically to enhance their unique customer experience journeys, in order to develop and grow alongside their consumer base. 

Our team has 15 years’ experience in consulting, and developing, small, and large-scale CRM and Loyalty Solutions, that our clients CXM solutions can be seamlessly integrated with, to track their customer experience journey, and provide a 360-degree view of their organization’s customer experience offering. In providing full visibility of their CX processes, our clients can then make qualified decisions, based on valuable data analysis and insightful reporting, on how to improve their customer experience and stay ahead of the competition. 



We have helped small, medium and enterprise businesses with their Customer Experience Management projects, within a variety of industry sectors such as retail, telecom, utilities, banking and more.


Our experienced team of consultants and developers can assist you at every stage of your project.


Multichannel CXM Solutions
Automation of CX data collection across multiple channels including website, satisfaction surveys, webchat, social media, messenger platforms, email and phone etc. can provide your business the opportunity to: 

- Track your customer experience journey to provide a 360-degree view of your organization’s CX offering.
- Review and streamline CX processes, and improve customer satisfaction
- Predict customer needs and behaviors

Internal sourcing of CX data from enterprise systems-
MLS IT Solution Consultants can help you ensure your CX processes are aligned with your consumer expectations, and demands, at all times, by taking advantage of all your business enterprise systems valuable customer experience related data, from SOP, Invoicing, call queue WT (waiting time), inventory management data etc., flagging any issues with CX processes which will have a knock-on effect of how your customers perceive your brand.



Automation of CX data collection across multiple channels including website, satisfaction surveys, webchat, social media, messenger platforms, email and phone etc. can provide your business the opportunity to: 

Smart Customer Segmentation
Our development team can deliver you CXM Solutions that capture valuable customer feedback, and group users based on their levels of satisfaction, from brand loyalty to sales, in order to create smart customer market segmentation, and improve market positioning.
Customer Cluster
We can provide you with advanced data analytics that will enable your business to create specific customer clusters, defined by psychographic, geographic demographic, and other relevant criteria, in order to target and personalize your CX approach.
Find the right Influencers
Our CMX Solutions will provide you with intelligent data that allows you to find and make contact with the most relevant influencers, in terms of area, and industry. Whether you are sourcing brand ambassadors or short -term campaign influencers, our CXM solutions can find the right match for your influencer marketing strategies.

Brand Health Monitoring

We understand it is imperative that our clients have all the tools at their disposal, in order to take care of their brand image effectively. In order to provide brand health tracking to our clients, we can develop custom brand health measurement tools for their CXM solution, along with advanced analytics and reporting on key brand health indicators. 


Automate Corrective Actions
Our CX Development Team can create custom scenarios, and automate corrective actions based on your specific customer experience processes. We can help you utilize CX insights to create and fine tune corrective processes across your organization's departments, to effectively predict and resolve customer experience issues, by implementing preventative or immediate corrective measures.
Full Workface Collaboration
Our CX consultancy team can provide you with a CXM Platform that enables and enhances collaboration across your entire organization, bridging the customer experience efforts from back office staff, to front of office staff. We provide CXM Solutions that allow a single point of access to all your valuable CX data, to assist your business in delivering an exceptional customer experience, time and time again.

Re-evaluate Your Customer Experience Journey

By providing our clients with advanced analytics and reporting on key brand health indicators, your CXM Solution will provide you valuable insights including CLV (customer lifetime value) as well as CAC (customer acquisition costs) enabling management to effectively measure their return on sales and marketing investments and adjust strategies to adapt to changes in customer experience trends.  

Inject effective targeted marketing strategies into your customer experience journey by benefiting from our CX development team’s provision of a highly adaptable solution, that can be re-automated and promptly fine-tuned, for specific customer journey mapping, and to ensure your organization's processes are always aligned with the changes in market and consumer trends.  

We invite you to tap into our consulting, development, and industry knowledge - contact us now to discuss your brand vision for your customer experience journey!