MLS IT Solution has been providing client relationship management solutions to small, medium and enterprise clients for 15 years. Our team have a wealth of experience across a variety of industries, and provide consultancy, development, and CRM support services across a multitude of platforms. Each business has their own unique set of challenges, and our consultancy team are committed to resolving your business’ and sales teams challenges by optimizing a tailored client relationship management platform to specifically meet the needs of your business.


CRM Consulting  

Our team is here to share with you, their 15 years of Microsoft Dynamics experience, and help you to enhance and develop your current Dynamics 365 CRM Solution. If you are looking to improve your sales and marketing automation, improve your sales team performance, or provide tools for more insightful client data analysis, and sales team performance reporting, we can help enable your business to utilize Dynamics 365 to its maximum potential. Our team can assist you at any stage of your CRM project.


CRM Customization 

Our customization services will provide your business with a tailored Dynamics 365 CRM Solution, that will not only support your current organization’s sales strategies, but will provide flexibility and scalability for the future. We understand that your company’s main goal is to expand your customer base, therefore we can help provide you with a reliable scalable platform that will meet your specific requirements for future growth. Whether you are looking to improve upon functionality, or create a more tailored platform, in order to match your businesses unique processes, our team are here to help you achieve your goals.


CRM Custom Add-ons 

There are so many CRM custom add-ons to choose from it can be a daunting task to find the tools required to meet your employees' demands. Our team are here to advise you on the best available Dynamics 365 add-ons for your business, whether you are looking to increase automation, add telephone integration tools, integrate and add customer survey reports, or increase reporting and data analytics, we help by listening to your CRM objectives and customer service vision, and integrate innovative tools to boost your company’s performance.


CRM Integration 

Customer Relationship Management processes are present across all company departments, from Accounting and Finance to Marketing, Sales, and Operations. To ensure effective communication and CRM Continuity across all your business departments, our team provides enterprise system integration with your existing business software such as ERP, Accountancy solutions, SOP Software, Project Management Software, Website and other lead generation platforms etc.


CRM Migration 

Our experienced Dynamics consultancy team assist clients to migrate from their existing solution to Microsoft Dynamics 365, when their solution can no longer meet the growing customer relationship challenges of their expanding business operations. Our team can manage the CRM migration process with minimum disruption to your business, and provide training to employees, to assist with a faster adoption of the new platform, and efficient uptake of any changes to your company’s customer relationship management processes. If your business currently is utilizing an On-Premise solution, our team can help migrate your CRM Solution to the cloud, to reduce maintenance costs and improve scalability, providing a secure CRM platform that will grow with your business.


CRM Upgrade 

If you require an upgrade of your current Dynamics CRM Solution in order to take advantage of the newest functionality and features, our team can carry out the task with minimum interruption of your day to day business activities. We also provide CRM data transition services for company’s running Dynamics CRM 2015 or earlier versions, and integration services with Office 365.


CRM Implementation 

Prior to implementing your Dynamics 365 CRM Solution, our team will undergo detailed planning processes, in order to ensure you are receiving the very best solution to meet your business needs. We can then implement your tailored solution either in stages or in a single set time frame. After implementation of your Dynamics 365 Solution is complete, we follow up the implementation process with employee training, to ensure your workforce are utilizing your CRM Solution to its best capabilities, and also to make sure that users are following the correct processes, such as updating data, and managing CRM accounts, to provide senior management teams with accurate reporting and valuable insights.


CRM Quality Assurance 

At MLS IT Solution we are dedicated to providing our clients with reliable powerful Dynamics 365 CRM Solutions, that includes all the features and tools their business requires to maximize their customer relationship management offering. In order to deliver our clients a powerful, reliable solution our team provides automated and manual testing services, to ensure system functionality, user accessibility and a user-friendly platform, and to ensure your solution is performing at its best.


CRM maintenance and support 

We also provide flexible and cost-effective maintenance and support packages to help you solve any technical issues, or system adjustments, quickly, and with the least disruption to your business. Our Maintenance and Support Team offer the following Dynamics 365 Services:

  • 24/7 Help Desk Support
  • Resolve and prevent any reoccurring issues
  • Implement changes to processes, system adjustments
  • Investigation and resolution of any technical issues


Our experts are here to help you resolve your CRM Challenges, no project is too small, or too big. Let us know what your employees need from their CRM Solution and how your current solution is not meeting your business requirements. Together we will help you resolve your challenges and implement a solution that is right for your unique client management processes. Contact our CRM Consultants today for a free consultation.