Microsoft Dynamics 365 (previously Dynamics CRM) is a powerful, innovative platform that can be tailored to meet your business requirements. By offering flexibility, and scalability, Dynamics 365 is a popular CRM platform that has been adopted by many small, medium, and enterprise businesses, to enhance their B2B, and B2C relationship management processes, and productivity.

Our Microsoft CRM Consultants have 15 years’ experience in delivering consultancy services to a multitude of clients, across various industry sectors, from retail, industrial, professional services, finance, construction, and more.  


  • Empower your CRM strategy with reliable, innovative Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform
  • Utilize custom features and addons to compliment your unique CRM Processes, and increase employee performance
  • Assist in completion of your CRM project, gain from our years of Dynamics 365 experience
  • Resolve your Dynamics 365/CRM issues, e.g., reporting issues, performance issues, functionality
  • Efficiently migrate or upgrade to Dynamics 365/CRM, with the least interruption to your business operations.
  • Enterprise Software Integration with your Dynamics 365/CRM solution (ERP, Websites, POS, Communications Software etc.



MLS IT Solution CRM Consultants will guide you on Microsoft Dynamics 365 best practices and share our 15 years, industry wide experiences, with your business, to ensure your CRM Solution is exactly what you need in order to meet your specific company requirements. We will evaluate your business structure, operations, and processes, and your vision for your CRM Solution, in order to deliver you a Dynamics 365 Solution that is flexible and scalable to your organization’s needs.

Both tailored, and out-of-the-box, Dynamics 365 Solutions provide comprehensive customer management platforms that enable your sales teams to enhance, and improve upon the full sales cycle, from lead generation, lead nurturing, managing multiple contract negations, to lead closing, and effective account management. Reporting and performance features enables sales managers to utilize Dynamics 365 to evaluate their best performing team members, and where in the sales cycle, employee training may be required, with advanced KPI reporting.

  • Sales automation and performance assessment
  • Adopting specific functionality for sales reps and management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media and Email Marketing Management
  • Membership and Subscription Management
  • Partner Management
  • Customer Experience and Analytics



Our Dynamics 365 consultants’ main objective is to help you achieve your vision, of adopting a powerful CRM solution that can enhance your customer relationship management processes, and in turn increase revenue.

We help you to focus on your CRM challenges and establish your goals, through our consultancy process. What are you looking to achieve from your CRM Solution?

Innovative and Convenient User Interface

We help design and develop an innovative user interface, that is easy to use, and is full of task related features to help users achieve more out of their workday, thus increasing user adoption rates. 

Reliable and Dynamic Performance

We help you achieve more efficient customer relationship management by delivering your business a portal that is reliable and powerful, ensuring fast connectivity, functionality, and accessibility.

Comprehensive Enterprise System Integration.

Our team will seamlessly integrate your existing enterprise solutions with Dynamics 365, including website integration, lead generation platform integration, ERP, Loyalty program software, Accountancy software, and communications software, in order to make the most out of your customer data. By integrating your enterprise software to your CRM Solution, you can utilize information that can help your business achieve better CRM processes, marketing strategies, billing and invoicing processes, employee training and progress tracking, and will provide your business with valuable insights, that can drive your business forward. 

Customer Data Protection & Security

Our team ensures your customer data Is secure and protected at all times. We can develop tailored security features, such as admin rights, permission and administrative user level log ins to compliment your company data protection policies.

Scalability, Supporting the Future Growth of Your Business

We understand that you need a CRM Solution that will grow with your business. Our team is experienced in providing scalable Dynamics 365 Solutions that will handle your growing consumer base, without compromising on performance.


How can you achieve your CRM Vision?

Call our consultants today for a free consultation, let us provide you with a free plan of how we can improve and resolve your CRM challenges.