Our Microsoft Dynamics Consultancy team are fully versed in Dynamics 365 CRM Solutions, and are here to share their extensive knowledge with you, to ensure you achieve a CRM Solution that fits your business requirements.

To ensure the longevity and scalability of your platform, we configure Dynamics out-of-the-box capabilities to meet your relationship management objectives, and only resort to code-based customization, when it is the most efficient method of achieving your CRM goals. This is to ensure that your Dynamics CRM Solution is not over-customized, where your business runs the risks of errors or limited functionality, when you attempt to update your software.

Our team will focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 best practices and apply them to your CRM customization project, to ensure you achieve a powerful, scalable, fully functional CRM System.


Dynamics 365 CRM Capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM is an innovative customer relationship management solution that is able to grow along with your business, and provides you with the features, and tools, that your business requires to improve more than just your employee’s performance, but offers valuable insights, task management and reporting, to senior members of your organization.

  • Sales Team Management – performance, training, and development
  • Aligning sales and marketing strategies and departments
  • digitize your business processes
  • Sales forecasting
  • Strategic LTV measurement
  • Customer analytics
  • Customer loyalty management
  • Customer experience management


Dynamics 365 CRM platform configuration

Our team will use Dynamics 365 customization capabilities to your business’ best advantages and create a bespoke UI to match your customer relationship management processes, and your corporate identity. To meet your requirements our team can create custom layouts, dashboards, themes, custom fields, add custom applications, and other custom tools, that will enhance overall user experience and CRM functionality.

Custom Dynamics 365 configuration can provide your business with;

  • User-friendly, convenient, and more accessible system to support your sales team’s activities
  • Adopt worldwide usage of your CRM platform, by adding languages to support your international sales offices.
  • Improve the efficiency of your customer management processes
  • Promote corporate branding and values within your CRM User Interface

As our Dynamics 365 Consultancy team utilize the platforms customization capabilities, we can save you both time and money in implementing your CRM Solution, without compromising on features or performance. It also ensures your ability to upgrade your solution in the future, to allow your CRM System to grow, along with your business.


Dynamics 365 CRM Customization

At MLS IT Solution, our team understands that your organizational processes and CRM strategies are unique to your company, therefore customization of your Dynamics 365 Solution may be required in order to deliver your business the specific capabilities you require.

Our CRM Development Team can provide your business customization services, such as:

  • Optimization of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM across all operating systems and devises to remote workers and traveling sales teams.
  • Design and implementation if unique views, dashboards, notification templates, forms etc. (industry specific)
  • Modify and Create schema features, metadata, business logic, entities, and custom workflows


How MLS IT Solution Develop and Deploy your Custom CRM Modules

Our Dynamics 365 development team are also experienced at creating bespoke CRM modules for your business or implementing and configuring modules from Microsoft AppSource. Developing and Implementing custom CRM Modules can improve your business processes and task efficiency in areas such as:

Improve user accessibility and navigation, by adding unique User Interface functionality


Increase employee’s performance by creating custom tools, to enable the generation of sales quotes, lead scoring boards, communication tools etc. 
Automating routine tasks, to make more efficient use of employee’s time.


Monitor employee performance and identify training requirements, with custom member performance, KPI reporting


Increase customer engagement and management with social media integration.


Enterprise Solution Integration to deliver a single platform to access and manage your customer relationship data (Marketing, Survey, Accounting, ERP Integration)


Our Dynamics 365 development team uses Microsoft-supported APIs. We ensure to avoid vendor lock-in, by performing extensive testing of unsupported customization, which also minimizes the risk of functionality issues, or errors occurring, when upgrading your solution.


What Solutions Do You Need to Resolve Your Customer Relationship Management Challenges?

We are ready to help you increase the efficiency your business processes, and fulfill your sales, marketing, and management needs. From resolving CRM challenges such as increasing sales and marketing automation, as well as aligning strategies, assisting sales teams in the sales cycle and lead nurturing processes, providing a single solution to access your customer relationship management data, and providing management with insightful reporting to enable them to improve their teams training and development, whatever your CRM challenge we are here to help you find the solution.

Contact our team today to discuss your requirements.