Our team developed a universal, completely frontend data visualization solution for MS Dynamics CRM. It is flexible thanks to the well-planned architecture and allows for adding new features easily. Here, we will touch upon the solution’s key features and how to implement the tool in short, simple steps.


Supports all chart types (limited only by data). The chart types are based on d3.js library, therefore our solution is flexible enough to add as many charts as you want
  • Visualizes any data type on any screen within the system
  • Operates on multiple linked entities
  • Supports data aggregation and statistics
  • Offers a built-in charts designer as well as personal/system charts
  • Able to group, share and print charts
  • Offers system access control and overridden access control 
  • Provides full control over chart design (including Axis, labels, data points and so on)
  • Shows high performance with large amounts of data