At MLS IT Solution, our team of dedicated Salesforce Consultants have been sharing their expertise with clients for 15 years. We do our very best to provide you with the most innovative, cutting edge solutions to help you achieve your company’s client relationship management vision. We can help you at any stage of your Salesforce project, whether you are planning full implementation of a new solution, to consulting services and adapting your solution to better fit your requirements, to migration, maintenance, and support services.

We have been providing Salesforce CRM Solutions to medium, and enterprise clients for years, and now with the newly launched Salesforce Essentials for small businesses, there is a solution for all businesses at every stage of their CRM maturity. 

Salesforce Consulting


Whatever your Salesforce CRM challenges, our team are here to help you in resolving, and implementing a tailored solution to meet your unique business requirements. We can help you better align your sales and marketing departments, increase your sales team’s efficiency and performance, and provide accurate reporting for senior management, by investigating your current business processes and operations, and by planning and implementing the features and tools you need, to grow your customer base.  

Salesforce Customization


Our Salesforce Consultants can help you maximize the capabilities of your CRM Platform, enabling your workforce to benefit from increased automation of marketing and sales tasks, fine tuning your sales teams’ lead nurturing process, increasing performance by delivering a reliable and error-free platform, and implementing enhanced reporting. We can deliver you a platform that can outperform your current solution by utilizing our experience of Salesforce CRM, modules and features, and customize them to your specific requirements, and industry needs. 

Salesforce Upgrade


We understand the importance of delivering our clients platform that can grow with them, in order to compete effectively within their industries. Our team will guide you on the best tools, addons and system developments, that will extend your solutions functionality and accessibility, to accommodate expanding sales teams, to cover multiple office locations, or changes to working environments. 

Salesforce Integration


To ensure your business gets the most out of your customer relationship data, we provide enterprise system integration with your Salesforce CRM Solution, giving you one point of access to your valuable customer data. We can integrate your Salesforce Solution with Accounting, Marketing, Communication, and ERP systems to name just a few! Achieve continuity across your business departments and increase efficiency by providing a single point of access to the customer relationship data they require to complete their day to day tasks. 

Salesforce Migration


If you are looking to migrate your legacy system to a Salesforce CRM Solution, our team are dedicated to assisting your business, safely and securely transfer your valuable data to your new platform. Whether you are moving away from on-premise, or an alternative cloud-based solution, our team are here to help you plan and implement your CRM migration process, with the least disruption to your organization's operations as possible. As long as your business grows, extend the platform’s functionality, get custom add-ons and incorporate technological advances into your Salesforce CRM to stay ahead of the competition. 

Salesforce Maintenance and Support


By offering tailored, cost effective maintenance and support services we can ensure your Salesforce solution, will perform to the best of its capabilities. We aim to resolve any technical issues, quickly and efficiently, in the first instance.

We also offer training to support your workforce in adopting their new platform, and show them how best to utilize Salesforce to make their daily tasks easier, and faster to accomplish. By ensuring your end users are fully trained on the platform, our team can make sure your business processes are being followed, in order to generate accurate reporting for senior management.



Our dedicated team has been consulting and developing Salesforce solutions for years, therefore we can assist you with every stage of your CRM project. From analyzing your business processes and understanding your requirements, to careful planning, development, implementing, and testing.

  • We utilize our past experience and keep up to date with Salesforce developments injecting our extensive knowledge into your Salesforce project.
  • We have delivered a multitude of successful Salesforce projects to clients across various industries and have and have a solid understanding of industry related issues.
  • We offer a variety of packages and can accommodate your requirements by creating a tailored group of services to meet your specific needs.
  • Our team focuses on end user training to ensure the correct processes are followed in order to help your teams achieve more out of their workday, and to ensure senior management benefit from accurate reporting.
  • Our team have over 15 years of development experience and can offer you more than a Salesforce CRM Solution. We provide many additional services to our clients, including app development, collaboration tools, and advanced customer, and data analytics tools, to give your business a competitive edge.


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