At MLS IT Solution we have gained 15 years of industry experience, which we have utilized in delivering custom CRM Solutions to meet unique business requirements. If your business is looking for a platform that is capable of delivering more unique industry specific functionality, then talk to our team today, to see how you can gain from our experience, and develop a custom solution that enhances all your relationship management processes, from:

  • Global and Corporate CXM systems (Customer Experience Management)
  • HR Relationship Management Platforms
  • Advanced Membership Management Portals



CRM systems, need not just be a useful platform to boost productivity within your sales and marketing department, but a powerful platform that can align every department within your company, to help you manage both internal, and external business relationships, and improve organizational processes and efficiency between departments. Our team of CRM Consultants can help you develop advanced process automation, customer reporting, advanced data analytics, as well as increase employee collaboration across departments, and provide an efficient and secure data and knowledge management platform.


  • Mobile CRM
  • Lead-nurturing, partner & channel management portal
  • Marketing, Sales and SOP (sales order processing) automation
  • Customer experience management (CXM) systems
  • Member management platforms
  • Loyalty management systems 


What Capabilities Can You Discover with a Custom CRM Solution ?

 Innovative CXM Systems 

  • Create 360-degree customer profiles, by utilizing data across multiple systems
  • Provide an enhanced customer experience across multiple office locations, multiple communication channels, and across company brands.
  • Manage multilingual sales and marketing teams, across distribution channels, and multiple office locations.

Improved Performance Management Systems

  • Data collection across global and multiple sources (CRM, Web Portals, Channel Management).
  • Advanced reporting, insights and real-time data analytics.
  • Automation of complex tasks across business departments

Human Resource Management  

  • Management of employee onboarding, training, and development.
  • Collaboration tools to create vacancy descriptions and manage application processes, to automating job vacancy advertising throughout multiple online channels.
  • Manage a more efficient recruitment process from skill-rating applicants, applicant relationship management, and channel management of recruitment portals. 



Platform-Based CRM Solutions

At MLS IT Solution our team of CRM consultants and developers have 15 years’ experience of delivering small, medium, and enterprise organizations, highly customizable platform-based CRM Solutions, by utilizing market leading software solutions, such as Salesforce and Dynamics. We can develop complex and scalable customizable solutions to meet your business requirements, and employee demands, for custom tools and functionality.

Custom CRM Development

Depending on each client’s specific requirements, it may be more cost effective and productive to create a custom solution, in order to develop the specific features, they require, without the expense of a monthly/annual subscription fee, and an over complicated UI, which hinders user adoption, and requires extensive end user training.

Let us know what you require from your CRM System, and we will help advise and guide you through the process, ensuring you achieve the capabilities you need from a CRM Solution.