At MLS IT Solution our team is experienced in delivering our clients a full range of Salesforce consultancy services. We are dedicated to enabling our clients to obtain the maximum rewards from their CRM Solution, whether they be small, medium or enterprise organizations.

Our team is ready to share our 15 years of Salesforce CRM experience, to help your business grow, as well as your consumer base, and perfect your customer relationship management processes. With a wide range of industry knowledge, our consultants have in depth insights of industry related CRM challenges and CRM requirements. We have provided our Salesforce Consultancy services to industry sectors such as Education and E-Learning, Construction, Retail, Oil and Gas, Professional Services, Telecoms and Utilities, and more. 

Salesforce Add-ons

Our team can help advise and support you in choosing the right third-party add-ons, that will provide your business with bespoke Salesforce Solutions tailored to meet your employees' demands and improve overall user experience and performance. Creative addons can help increase automation, process consistency, align all your business departments, and provide insightful reporting to benefit senior management teams across your organization.

How Can MLS IT Solution Help You Tackle Your CRM Challenges?

Our team can help you decide which custom CRM modules and services you require to make the best out of Salesforce CRM capabilities. Whatever your CRM challenges are, we can help you find the solution.

Challenge- Valuable customer data spread across multiple platforms

  • Solution– we can provide a single platform, where your employees can access the valuable customer data they need, across all your company departments.

Challenge - Low conversion rates on leads, insufficient lead nurturing and opportunity management

  • Solution– we can provide your sales team with a custom dashboard that provides smooth navigation, features, and tools, that will enable your team to efficiently manage their sales pipeline, from lead nurturing, opportunity management, close of sale, through to account management.

Challenge - Poor adoption rate of your company’s CRM

  • Solution– achieve an error free CRM solution, that is both powerful and reliable, and customize your UI to promote your corporate branding and values. By adding innovative tools to automate daily tasks, enhance your CRM system’s overall user experience.

Challenge - No consistency of sales processes and low productivity

  • Solution– opportunity management modules can promote collaboration across your sales teams, help them visualize their sales pipeline, create custom alerts, and help them manage their lead activity.

Challenge - No alignment of sales, marketing, finance and operations departments

  • Solution– adding digital marketing capabilities, channel partnership management, financial reporting, and team collaboration functionality, you can ensure your workforce are all working towards the same marketing, sales, and business objectives, together.

Challenge - Inconsistent sales performance and customer service across multiple locations.

  • Solution– improve accessibility, by adding custom modules, that are compatible across all devices and operating systems. Ensure your inside sales team are well connected to your traveling sale reps, and account managers, and provide them smooth, reliable access to collaborate, and access data, from any place, at any time.

Challenge - Inaccurate reporting, and loss of data

  • Solution– with a user friendly and easily to navigate portal, enable your employees to develop and fine tune their pipeline management processes, with the addition of custom fields, and a consistent lead management process in place, you can ensure accurate and advanced reporting capabilities, with the implementation of innovative, cutting edge reporting tools. 


Cost-Effective Salesforce Solutions Tailored to Keep you within Budget

MLS IT Solutions are here to help you resolve your CRM challenges, by utilizing the powerful capabilities of Salesforce CRM, for all sizes of projects, from small tweaks to improve platform functionality, to large scale complex projects, we can help tailor a solution to fit in with your budget and needs.



  • Our team can instill 15 years of industry specific knowledge and guidance into your CRM Project assisting with planning, implementing, testing, deployment, and user training on your Salesforce CRM Platform.
  • We can help you to resolve industry related CRM challenges, by utilizing our experiences of past projects, and provide innovative solutions, helping you stay competitive in your industry by customizing and implementing new Salesforce solutions, modules, and addons.
  • We understand your objective is to expand your business, and your customer base, so we ensure to provide you with a scalable, flexible solution that will grow with your business and adapt to changes in your organization's processes and strategies.
  • We provide more than just a standard solution to fit your business industry and size, we understand each business is unique, and therefore requires the development of bespoke applications, integration and development to ensure that your CRM Solution meets your specific needs and business objectives. Talk to our experienced consultants today and let us know what CRM challenges you are currently facing and together we can find a solution.