MLS IT Solutions Salesforce Consultants have helped small, medium, and enterprise clients, seamlessly integrate complex business systems, to their Salesforce Solution, in order to provide a single platform for users to access the valuable customer data they require, and to align strategies and business objectives across departments.

Our team can help with both integrating applications, enterprise system integration and develop custom integration modules to meet your CRM requirements 


How Can Our Salesforce Integration Services Help Your Business ?

  • Enhance and improve the efficiency of your sales team’s performance
  • Seamlessly connect your front of office to your back office, from Sales and Customer Service, to Accounts and Operations.
  • Automate SOP, Sales Marketing, Accountancy processes from one single platform
  • Integration of several CRM solutions across regional branches.
  • Ensure continuity of your customer relationship management processes across all departments
  • Advanced Reporting for senior management, with a full view of customer relationships, and processes and how they impact on your business growth.


Are you ready to integrate your enterprise software with your Salesforce Solution ?



Each organization, will have their own unique challenges that need to be resolved with unique solutions. Our team can help your company resolve your Salesforce integration challenges by providing expert advice and planning on how best to successfully and seamlessly integrate software in circumstances such as :

  • Integrating Salesforce with multiple vendor solutions.
  • Integrating Salesforce Cloud Solutions to your on-premise systems
  • Data Synchronization
  • Integrating Salesforce with custom systems
  • Seamless app integration
  • Integrating enterprise solutions across a network of offices or branches



Our consultancy team focuses in on your need to enable a seamless flow of data between your Salesforce Solution and your enterprise software, to enable your company to maintain your competitive advantages. Our team can assist you with your integration project, allowing for a single platform for users to access valuable data to automating your business’ routine tasks, and data synchronization between solutions.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Integration

Align your Salesforce Solution with your resource management processes, by utilizing our ERP integration experience and services. Provide your workforce with access to one platform where they can quickly and efficiently access customer data, invoices, inventory, and shipment information. Assist your procurement team to perfect their inventory management processes, efficiently meeting your customers’ demands, and providing a seamless flow of information throughout your sales order processing.

Ecommerce Integration

Increase your sales revenue, and customer service offerings by integrating your Salesforce platform with your E-Commerce Software. Our team can help you seamlessly integrate platforms such as WooCommerce, and Magento amongst others to enable your business to:
  • Improve on cross-selling/up-selling strategies, by creating a clear view of customers browsing and purchase history.
  • Improve on cross-selling/up-selling strategies, by creating a clear view of customers browsing and purchase history.
  • Improve the efficiency of your inventory management and sales order processing
  • Provide an enhanced customer experience of your ecommerce platform by enabling self-service portals
  • Establish more enhances, accurate sales and inventory forecasting.


Collaboration system integration

Ensure all your employee’s collaboration efforts are securely stored in one platform, and not across multiple solutions. Reduce the risk of duplication of documents and enable users to access collaborative projects, ideas, and history from one point of access. Our team can help you integrate your collaborative systems such as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Slack, and many more, with your Salesforce Solution.

Social media integration

Increase your customer experience and engagement levels by enabling your marketing department to monitor your social media developments and activities by integrating your social media accounts to your Salesforce Solution, from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube, WhatsApp, and many more. Measure lead generation, and conversion rate tracking, and generate advanced reports, providing your managers with valuable insights in which to perfect marketing campaigns, strategies, and customer loyalty and retention strategies.



Personal planner and email integration

Give your employees the tools they require to efficiently manage their time and workload by integrating personal planners, calendars and email integration, with your business Salesforce Solution. Sync contacts, appointments, meeting schedules, and boost your team’s productivity, allow your sales team to easily access client history, from automated logs of scheduled meetings, calls, and emails, all from one platform. Our team can help integrate email from providers such as Gmail, Outlook, or Microsoft Exchange, with your Salesforce Solution.



Each business is unique, and we understand your workforce will have preferred tools for managing day to day tasks, and processes. Our team can assist your business with integrating multiple tools and applications with your Salesforce Platform:

  • Telecoms Software (integration for call tracking, contact centers)
  • Email Marketing and Sales Software – Mailchimp, YesWare
  • Consumer Engagement. (Live Chat and Applications)
  • Customer Service Software.
  • Loyalty Management Software
  • Survey Software (SurveyMonkey).
  • Project Management Software.
  • Team Collaboration Tools (SharePoint).

To discuss your integration requirements, feel free to contact our Salesforce consulting team for help and advice.



  • Direct integration solution. That is either a direct API or database integration between Salesforce CRM and another enterprise system. Though limited in flexibility and points of integration, this option will satisfy the need for mutual data exchange between two enterprise systems.
  • Solution based on integration server. A more flexible solution that reduces effects of systems’ updates on the integration, minimizes the need for IT resources and gives you more control over data flows. This broad group includes solutions hosted in the cloud and on-premises, as well as those delivered according to a hub-and-spoke and an enterprise service bus (ESB) models. Integration-server-based solutions will suit both companies with small integration projects and large enterprises with dozens of systems that should exchange a considerable amount of data.