Implementing data visualization services is vital to the quality and transparency of your data analytics solution. By implementing data visualization strategies and solutions we help you to achieve answers to important business questions, enable you to track your performance in terms of product range, service offering, and business functions, monitor market and consumer trends and behaviors, and much more. 

At MLS IT Solution our experienced team has been providing Data Visualization Services for years across a wide range of industries, servicing businesses of all sizes. We custom tailor data visualization services to your organization's goals, needs and vision, also enabling enhanced and quality decision making processes across C-Level Management.  



At MLS IT Solution our data visualization consultants can assist your project management team to plan and design a data visualization solution, improve your current solution, or provide health check services to ensure to are gaining the most out of your data analytics tools. We can fine tune your solution, utilizing data visualization best practices and provide knowledgeable advice on data visualization improvements.


If your business is looking to implement a brand-new data visualization solution our experienced team of designers and developers can build one from scratch, tailored to your specific industry requirements, needs and goals. We will first carry out in depth analysis of your business needs, and goals and develop a concept, before moving to the design and development stages. We can develop your solution by either agile, or waterfall methodology, to keep aligned with your project requirements and inhouse tech capabilities. MLS IT Solution also offers a full range of Data Analytics Services, so we can assist you with the full range of solutions to meet your project specifications.



Our team is dedicated to delivering user friendly, easy to navigate, custom dashboards and data visualization solutions. To make sure your employees are utilizing your new platform to the best of its capabilities we provide in depth end user training, to help increase adoption rates, as well as enhance user experience throughout a wide range of reporting features and innovative data analytics tools.



To complement our consultancy and development services, MLS IT Solution provides high quality, reliable maintenance and support services to ensure your system is performing as it should.



  • Microsoft Power BI
  • MicroStrategy
  • Kyubit BI
  • Oracle BI
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Power View
  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
  • Oracle Reports
  • Custom front-end environment
  • Tableau
  • QlikView
  • Sisence
  • Microsoft SQL reporting services
  • Microsoft PowerPivote
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Pentaho
  • JasperReports



Our team have resolved data visualization challenges and worked on a multitude of complex projects. We are here to help you find the solution to your data visualization challenges.


Visually Complex Reports and Dashboards 

There can be many factors to blame for dashboards and reports being too complex. Data Visualization tools, should enable a user to see clearly and quickly view the information they require to make accurate, informed decisions, and provide fast responses to data trends. If your dashboard or reporting contains too many visual elements, or the layout is insufficient, the data visualization process can become too complex. Our team of designers create dashboards and reports that carefully take into consideration, lay out, navigation, consistent color coding, and the use of visual aids such as pivot tables and graphs, to enable quick visualization of the key information your business requires, in just a few clicks. 

Un-insightful reporting, which makes it challenging to spot trends, or provide efficient data comparison. 

Reports and insights lose value, the more time consuming they are to generate. User adoption decreases and eventual your data visualization strategy will become less of a priority. To enable a strong data visualization strategy, that has full commitment from your workforce, our team of designers provides user -friendly, easy to navigate, dashboarding that provides fast answers to specific questions, without the need to spend valuable time pouring over a multitude of reports.  

Data Visualization Solution does not provide the “Why?”

If you are struggling to find out why specific trends, behaviors or performance issues are occurring, our team can help you find the reason, by providing reports that allow you to drill down to the facts and provide your business with a clear view of why specific events are occurring, and what factors are causing either positive or negative effects on your organizations operations.

Reports not tailored to specific internal user roles.

We understand the importance of providing businesses with insightful reporting, tailored specifically to each individual’s role within the company. Whether you are a Marketing Manager, HR Team, or senior level management, we guarantee to provide detailed reports that are relevant to specific departments and job functions

Insufficient responsiveness and accessibility

Our team of developers create mobile responsive features and dashboards, so as not to limit end users to desktop versions, making your reporting accessible from any location, on any device. We also ensure your data is secure and protected and in line with your company’s policies.

Let us know what your data visualization challenges are and we will help you find the solution.