Machine Learning Services

MLS IT Machine learning (ML) consulting services may include advising on and implementing ML-based software as well as supporting the existing ML initiatives.

With experience in data science and AI renders a full range of machine learning services to help companies solve business problems with accurate forecasts and predictions, root-cause analysis, (big) data mining and more.

Machine Learning Services

Depending on your needs and current ML environment (if any), our machine learning consulting services may include:

Business analysis

  • Defining business needs a firm wants to address with machine learning.
  • Analyzing the existing machine learning environment (if any).
  • Designing a machine learning strategy and roadmap.
  • Selecting optimal machine learning technologies.
  • Deciding on machine learning solution deliverables.

Data preparation

  • Exploratory analysis of the existing data sources.
  • Data collection, cleansing, and structuring.
  • Defining the criteria for the machine learning model evaluation

Development and implementation of machine learning models

  • ML model exploration and refinement.
  • ML model testing and evaluation.
  • Fine-tuning the parameters of ML models until the generated results are acceptable.
  • Deploying the ML models.


  • Delivering machine learning output in an agreed format.
  • Integrating machine learning models into an application for users’ self-service, if required.

Support and maintenance of machine learning models

  • Continuous monitoring and tuning of ML models for greater accuracy.
  • Adding new data to the ML models for deeper insight.
  • Building new ML models to address new business and data analytics questions.


We offer

MLS it Machine learnings teams offers to the ours clients a full machine learning services from the consulting to the support.

Machine Learning Consulting

For clients seeking strategic guidance throughout the whole cycle of their machine learning development project.

Machine Learning Implementation

For clients that need to design, develop and launch a smoothly functioning machine learning solution.

Machine Learning Support

For clients that need to fix inefficiencies within their current ML environment and get tailored recommendations on increasing the quality of ML insights in the future.


Machine Learning Use Cases

We help business of all sizes with their machine learning projects, especially on : 

  • Supply Chain management
  • Production efficiently
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Customer analytics
  • NLP(Natural Language processing)
  • Computer Vision

Machine Learning Technologies


  • Supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Neural networks, including deep learning


Python, Java, C++, R et Scala