At MLS IT Solution, we have a dedicated development team ready to design and implement custom software to meet your unique business objectives. We work with small, medium, and enterprise clients to deliver a wide variety of projects, on time, and within budget. No project is too small, or too complex. MLS Solutions team can deliver a full range of custom development services, from designing, planning, and developing, to support, maintenance, and end user software training. We can provide tailored service packages to meet your project goals and budget.


MLS IT Solution has valuable experience in collaborating on custom development projects across a large array of industry sectors, from retail, finance, construction, education, healthcare, logistics, and more. We help businesses develop custom software to meet specific industry needs, automate their business processes, increase performance and customer experience, and ultimately deliver high return on their investment.


Our software consultancy and development team have a wealth of experience spanning a broad range of enterprise software. We start your software development project, with in depth analysis of your business goals, strategies, and vision for your custom software. We then create a detailed specification, mapping out your software concept, which is imperative to stay on track during the implementation stage of your project. Depending on your business requirements, we establish one of two methods of development: 


Waterfall- developing your custom software with waterfall methodology, your business can specify all your requirements from the start of the development project, all set to a precise roadmap and budget. 

Agile- developing your custom software using agile methodology, your business has charge of the custom software development project throughout each stage of the process, whereby you can add or change development specifications, and receive access to the software as it is developed to assess the functionality throughout the development stages, giving your business more flexibility with your project. To complement our custom development software services, we also provide full deployment, support, and maintenance of your business software.


MLS IT Solution consultants and developers share a vast knowledge of industry sectors and experience in designing and developing a wide range of custom solutions. Our development team prioritizes your need for a solid architecture, to guarantee further development and scalability of your software to ensure it can still meet your requirements in the future. We are passionate about providing an innovative end user experience, with visually attractive UI’s, and easy to navigate portals, providing reliability and error free performance, ensuring your entire workforce is satisfied with your company’s new solution.  


  • Back end and desktop: .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js
  • Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, JS
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQL Azure, Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL 



MLS IT Solution provides an extensive range of consultancy and development services and are accomplished in integrating custom software with your CRM Solutions, ECM, ERP, HRM, and many more business solutions, specializing in on premise, cloud, and hybrid environments.



MLS IT Solution’s extensive portfolio spans a wide range of industry specific projects. We are experienced web application developers that can provide your business a solution that can streamline business processes, and increase operational efficiency, automate manual tasks, and provide collaborative platforms across your organizations departments, and office locations.

We have many years’ experience in providing web portals, online collaborative platforms, and custom web applications to enhance customer service, and client and vendor experiences, provide booking and ecommerce functionality, and consulting platforms.

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Our friendly team are happy to discuss your ideas, plans, and custom software development projects, no matter what stage you are in your project. Contact us today for a free confidential consultation.