For over 15 years, MLS IT Solution have provided clients with cost-effective website redesign services. We have helped small businesses with simple solutions to their website challenges, to being involved in complex redesign projects for enterprise clients. We cover each stage of your website redesign project as follows ;

  • Create visually eye-catching, modern design with cutting-edge capabilities
  • Create mobile responsive design
  • Content improvements to increase web traffic, SEO ranking, and engagement
  • Bring data from multiple sites under one CMS platform
  • Bug fixing and resolve performance issues
  • Meet business objectives by increasing site functionality

Our development team not only replace old technology with new and enhanced solutions, we mitigate the risk of historical data loss, during the data migration process, as well as guaranteeing your site will grow and can be adapted easily, to meet changing market trends, and corporate expansion.


At MLS IT Solutions we understand how poor design can deter website visitors and increase abandonment rates. Our development team focus on user friendly, professional design to encourage traffic flow throughout your site and increase website visitor engagement. We ensure your website effectively promotes your brand, corporate identity and business mission, by guaranteeing your site provides customers the following;

  • User friendly UI
  • Enhanced Visualization Capabilities
  • Mobile Responsive across all devices
  • Personalized UX
  • Logical Page Formatting
  • Increased Page Speed
  • Easy and Error Free Navigation


At MLS IT Solution we use both manual and automated migration techniques to ensure the quality of your migrated content remains intact. Prior to migrating your content to your new solution, we will provide you with a detailed roadmap, and content inventory.

As our team carefully migrate your content to your new CMS we ensure to keep you updated with detailed progress reports, each step of the way.

While our development team are migrating your content, they concentrate manual migration efforts on


When redesigning your website, we are careful not to risk you site losing its position in website rankings. Once your sites online presence is lost it could take you months or even years to regain your position in searches. Our team carefully develop a strategy for migrating your content and retaining your sites authority by following the below stages:

  • Crawling your website to ensure our team have the full list of URLs and can generate a visual of your sites structure
  • Carrying out SEO audit to highlight any issues that may be affecting your website ranking in organic searches
  • Creating 301 redirects in the case of changes to URLs
  • Improving meta tags and implementing other page optimization techniques
  • Maintaining inbound links that are valued by search engines


Our team at MLS IT Solution have many years of website redesign expertise across a variety of industries such as retail, finance, professional services, utilities, oil and gas, construction and many more. We can help inject creative ideas and cutting-edge solutions into your website redesign project. Once development is underway, we ensure to keep you up to date with detailed progress reports and frequent communication.

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