SharePoint Migration

SharePoint Solution has been providing full SharePoint Migration Services to small, medium and enterprise businesses for 15 years. Our technical team have an advanced knowledge of both SharePoint Online and On-Premise Solutions and are proficient at providing migration services, in order to migrate your solution to the latest version, or from an alternative platform to a full adoption of SharePoint Solutions.We can assist your business if you are considering migrating from SharePoint On-Premise, to SharePoint Online or Office 365. You may be looking for advanced features, improved accessibility, or have changes in your business requirements due to corporate growth, or changes in your organizations strategy. Whatever the reason for considering migrating your business solution, contact our knowledgeable team today to discuss your requirements and discover how we can help.


SharePoint Ecosystem Advancement

At SharePoint Solution, we acknowledge that migrating your solution means more to your business than just transferring features and content. We provide migration services as an opportunity for businesses to vastly improve their SharePoint Solution, and provide enhancements to end user adoption, productivity, increased platform performance, and company wide compliance and improvement of business processes.

SharePoint Migration MAP

Our skillful team will cover all the migration requirements of your organization, whether you are running On-Premise, Cloud, or Hybrid Solutions.

Migration to SharePoint 2013 or 2016-

migrating to a more recent version of SharePoint enables businesses to increase development opportunities, extend SharePoint features as well as optimize SharePoint for mobile and other devices.


Migration to SharePoint Online or Office 365-

businesses that are looking to migrate from SharePoint On Premise to SharePoint Cloud, can retain On Premise functionality, whilst benefiting from advanced features, tools and increased collaboration of a Cloud solution.


Hybrid Migration-

our consultancy and development team can also provide hybrid solutions for businesses that are looking to benefit from on premise and cloud functionality. We can increase collaboration functionality as well as maintain the scalability of your Hybrid SharePoint Solution


Migration from 3rd Party Solutions to SharePoint-

we also assist our clients in migrating from 3rd party providers to SharePoint On Premise, SharePoint Cloud.


8 Stages of SharePoint Migration Services

  1. In depth analysis of your current solution, including the complexity of customization, site collections, permission management and more.
  2. Assessment of your current environment including SharePoint architecture, in order to create the migration model.
  3. Define critical content and prioritize content migration in stages to retain business continuity.
  4. Provision of an in-depth migration plan.
  5. Carrying out migration services in line with the plan, as well as adding any further functionality, content management requirements and tools.
  6. Testing your new SharePoint Solution, to highlight any errors or bugs, and providing fixes.
  7. Training and Support for end users and administrators on the new SharePoint Solution.
  8. Maintenance and Support services.


We Aim to Retain Business Continuity

At SharePoint Solution, our team endeavors to migrate your SharePoint Solution, with as little disruption to your Business Processes and daily operations as possible. We provide detailed planning and risk assessments, prior to carrying out your migration project.

Careful planning of your SharePoint Migration project to ensure as little disruption to your business as possible, as well as ensuring full operation of SharePoint Units that are most utilized by your employees.


We migrate content based on prioritizing critical content first, and then migrating the remaining content over stages, to ensure business continuity.


We guarantee to keep your content safe and secure, whilst maintaining your existing SharePoint functionality


We implement new functionality and tools in order to further automate your employee’s repeated daily tasks in order to assist them in their workplace performance.


Our development team will optimize the architecture of your SharePoint Solution, in order to lower maintenance costs and guarantee performance and reliability.


Our dedicated team will provide training and support to end users to endure high end user adoption rates and operational processes are followed.


Why Choose SharePoint Solution

  • 15 Years of Microsoft Expertise
  • Broad range of industry wide knowledge
  • We have a dedicated team of both consultants and developers
  • Our team numbers 20 Microsoft Certified professionals.
  • We offer a full cycle of SharePoint Services, including SharePoint training, support and maintenance.


Let us hear about your SharePoint Migration Challenges and Concerns, and we will help you find the solution.