SharePoint Online Services

SharePoint Online Office 365 gives organization simple file sharing and seamless team collaboration all in one place.

With SharePoint Online, you have the ability to empower sharing and collaboration on your personal intranet for your organization. This will give your team one place where they can organize and collaborate on content, data, and news. This is all in one page online.

SharePoint Online will inform and connect your people with custom intranets and portals for your organization. You will be able to share common resources and applications as well as broadcast your message with rich dynamic

We provide clients with our cloud solution goes above and beyond industry standards to ensure your office 365 data is secure, easily recoverable, and protected. There is a widespread misconception that data created and stored in the cloud does not need to be backed up. When data is deleted or corrupted, organizations can face major issues including lost data, lost productivity, and lost revenue.

As part of an Office 365 subscription, you will be able to a wide variety of things including the following:

  • Share and manage content
  • Share and collaborate knowledge
  • Use various applications to empower your teams
  • Quickly search and find information
  • Seamlessly integration and collaborate across your organization

 SharePoint Online and Office 365 subscriptions do have their own backups for internal purposes and offer a limited day hold on deleted items, but this is not a data backup you can rely on for your organization.


What Is Included With SharePoint Online?

SharePoint Online is available as part of your Office 365 subscription or SharePoint Online subscription.

File storage 

OneDrive for Business gives each user in your organization 1 TB of personal cloud storage to start.

External sharing 

SharePoint Online allows you to securely share files and content with people inside and outside your organization

Content management

Everyone has a lot of files and data these days. You can now organize and manage content in libraries and lists with metadata, records management, and retention policies.

Team sites 

Give your teams one place to organize and collaborate on content, data, as well as share news to stay on the same page.

Communications sites 

Broadly share and communicate your group’s message across the organization with beautiful, dynamic communication sites


Do you have remote teams? Keep them informed and engage your organization with your own intranets and sites to tell your story, announce your news, share resources, streamline processes, and engage people.

Mobile apps

Smart devices are covered as you can access intranets, team sites and content with the SharePoint mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows using OneDrive mobile apps.

Automate work 

What is the secret to successful organizations? They have the ability to automate business processes. SharePoint Online gives you’re the capabilities as well as alerts and workflows.


Find content in electronic format for litigation or audit scenarios.


Customize your organizations search and results with enhanced features to surface resources across Office 365.


Discover relevant people and important content when you need it most with SharePoint Online.

DLP capabilities 

SharePoint Online allows the use of advanced data-loss prevention (DLP) capabilities to identify, monitor, and protect sensitive information.

In-Place Hold 

Use In-Place Hold with SharePoint Online to programmatically prevent content deletion or editing.

Our complete SharePoint Online solution will protect against cloud data loss due to human error or malicious end-user activity, ransomware attacks, and external app errors.



  • 3x daily point im the time backup for office365, OneDrive, calendar and contacts
  • Restore individual files or folders back into any user’s account or export directly.
  • Preview backups by user, item and point-in-time snapshot.
  • Robust metadata search.
  • Security controls that include compliance with soc 2 type ii, PCI, GDR and the ability to meet HIPAA compliance needs.
  • Monitor backup data with domain reports and activity logs.

SharePoint Online provides a robust, flexible development surface for developers to create custom solutions, using a core subset of the development options available when developing against SharePoint on-premises.


Developing SharePoint Online Solutions

Because development in SharePoint Online is scoped to the site-collection level, two developer features form the foundation of creating custom SharePoint Online solutions:

Sandboxed solutions   

Sandboxed solutions provide a framework for developers to create, and for SharePoint Online administrators to upload and activate, custom code solutions to SharePoint Online. Sandboxed solutions run in an environment that has access to a core subset of the server object model. The sandboxed solutions framework gives developers access to the major objects at and below the site collection level.

Client object model   

The client object models provide three parallel and comparable representations of the core objects in the server-side SharePoint object model: a Microsoft .NET Framework managed model, a Microsoft Silverlight model, and an ECMAScript (JavaScript, JScript) model. This client object models provide remote access to SharePoint data and functionality.

In addition, you can use client-side code to access the web services that SharePoint Online makes available and external data sources. Because of this, client-side code is a useful option if you must access either objects beyond those included in sandboxed solutions but that are available through a SharePoint Online web service, or external data.

SharePoint Online Solution Development Process

The following are the basic steps in the process of creating, deploying, and activating a sandboxed solution on SharePoint Online:

  • Develop and test the solution.
  • Deploy and activate the solution.
  • Monitor the activated solution.