SharePoint Development

For 15 years SharePoint Solution has been proving SharePoint development services, to enable our clients to take full advantage of SharePoint’s flexible platform in providing user friendly, feature packed solutions to small, medium, and enterprise businesses.We pride ourselves in assisting businesses to utilize SharePoint applications to increase their end users experience, and platform adoption rates, by customizing and tailoring a platform that helps company employees fulfill their day to day tasks, with maximum efficiency.

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Share With Us Your SharePoint Challenges and Together We Will Proactively Develop the Solution

SharePoint Solution Development Team is here to guide you through your SharePoint challenges and develop innovative solutions. We understand the importance of your employees end user experience, in relation to end user adoption rates of your SharePoint Solution, therefore we will provide your business with advice and support on enhancing your existing solution, for the benefit of your workforce.

SharePoint Architecture

Our team endeavour to prioritize your employee’s user experience of their Corporate SharePoint Solution throughout every stage of the development process. Your SharePoint development project will start with our development team executing a technical analysis of your company’s existing software, and infrastructure. We develop your custom SharePoint Solution by designing a solution that compliments both your IT resources, and your system’s requirements. By tailoring a SharePoint Solution that meets these unique factors, we can ensure smooth, reliable performance of your Microsoft SharePoint Solution. Our experienced architects have provided durable, scalable solutions for clients across various industries, from new developments including creating server farms to installing databases. At SharePoint Solution we understand that SharePoint architecture is the key to providing your business with quality solutions.

SharePoint Customization

SharePoint Solution is here to listen to your business processes, strategies, and requirements in order to successfully deliver a custom SharePoint Solution that is unique to your business. Our team will provide your solution with custom tools, that meet your businesses specific requirements, promoting a company centric, branded, corporate community platform.

Custom Field Types

Our team will provide your business with a bespoke approach to managing your corporate data, tailored to your specific operational needs.



Our team helps you to automate complex company processes by structuring them into logical and applicative SharePoint workflows.


Workflows Custom Site/ Subsite Templates

Our development team will provide your business with the custom templates that incorporate your business’ unique site features and customizations, to enable you deploy consistent designs over multiple corporate sites.


SharePoint-based Apps

We use the latest JavaScript frameworks such as Angular.js, Backbone.js and Knockout.js to develop SharePoint apps that are end user friendly and visceral.

Timer Jobs and Event Receivers

Our team can deploy custom timer jobs and event receivers to allow your business users to execute unique actions on your SharePoint site.

Custom SharePoint Solutions

Our team are experienced in delivering custom SharePoint Solutions unique to each individual client’s requirements. We have 15 years’ experience in delivering SharePoint Intranets, Learning Management Systems, Document Management Systems (DMS), Project Management Solutions to industry wide, small, medium, and enterprise businesses.

Respecting Corporate Branding and Values

Our team will help you enhance end users sense of corporate community by tailoring your SharePoint Solution to reflect your companies brand, style, and values. We will work closely with your marketing team to ensure a design that offers consistency with your business’ image.


Custom Add-Ins

SharePoint Solution can help increase user adoption rates by implementing custom add-ins, enriching your employee’s user experience, and your SharePoint Solutions value. Our team can implement custom navigation, personalized page layouts, and master pages, all specific to our organizations requirements, providing your SharePoint Solution with the advanced capabilities you need.

Enterprise Systems Integration

Enable a secure single platform, where your employees can access your businesses key data, by integrating your enterprise systems, such as your HR Management System, CRM, ERP, and Exchange Server, allowing your end users to quickly access the information they require, increasing companywide efficiency, and continuity of established corporate processes. By utilizing both Active Directory and Business Connectivity Services, SharePoint Solution Team can provide an integration service that easily connects to your SharePoint Site, along with custom API integration of any 3rd party platforms.

SharePoint Maintenance & Support

Once your SharePoint Project has been completed, we continue to provide your business the support and maintenance services you require. Our team will assist you with;

Technical Issues

we aim to provide you with the solution too any technical issues, quickly and effectively to reduce any interruption they may have on your business.

SharePoint Updates

To ensure the ongoing performance and security of your SharePoint Solution, our team will provide your business with service packs and updates.

SharePoint Backups

Our team can also assist you in backing up your SharePoint Solution either manually, or by scheduling automated back-ups, that are convenient for your business.

Increase Functionality

If you decide to improve your SharePoint Solution at any time, our development team can assist you in implanting the newest features, add-ons and functions, to keep your SharePoint platform up-to-date and ensure the solution evolves to match your business needs.

Every SharePoint Aspect Tailored to Your Business Needs

Accessible and Unique

SharePoint Solution Development Team prioritize end-users experience at all stages of planning and developing your SharePoint project. We ensure after completion of a project, that your solution will engage end users, and results in high adoption rates, that will improve your employees daily task related performance. By implementing user-friendly applications, innovative add-ins, and increasing mobile performance, we endeavor to provide an attractive and highly adopted SharePoint platform upon completion of your project.

Stability & Performance

End users will only utilize your SharePoint Solution if the platform is reliable and stable. To ensure your SharePoint Solution is performing at its very best, we will carry out thorough testing and ensure your solution is it operating to the highest levels before launching. In completing our testing services, we will execute checks on architecture, code, and web parts, in order to reveal any errors. The stability and performance of your Solution is of the utmost importance to our development team.

Security & Data Protection

We understand that in current times, the security and protection of your corporate data is of high concern. We aim to deliver you peace of mind, knowing that your data is secure and protected by applying Microsoft best practices and tools to protect your system from both internal and external threats. We can help you protect your SharePoint Solution by;

  • Complying with your company’s security policy by applying user permissions and access rights across your platform.
  • Testing your solution for any errors that may result in security breaches.
  • Developing custom services, which can provide you with security features such as two-factor authentication.


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