SharePoint Solutions

Many small, medium, and enterprise clients turn to SharePoint Solutions for a cost effective method of resolving various organizational issues, such as lack of collaboration, poor knowledge sharing, and inefficient document management. Our team of SharePoint Consultants has many years’ experience in delivering On-Premise, Cloud and Hybrid SharePoint Solutions to meet specific industry and business requirements, guaranteeing a high performing, secure platform, tailored to end user’s needs.

Our team has completed a multitude of successful projects, from developing solutions from scratch, migrating SharePoint from On Premise to Cloud, to providing valuable maintenance and support services, to ensure businesses benefit from their solution. We excel at providing user friendly, mobile optimized platforms, that encourage employee collaboration and improved operational processes.

SharePoint Solutions Tailored To Your Business Needs

Our team is experienced in consulting and developing complex SharePoint solutions, and tailoring them to meet your business’ specific challenges. Our team can convert your out-of-the-box solution into a customized platform, that increases employee performance, streamlines processes, and increases companywide knowledge sharing and management. We provide custom document management solutions, project management platforms, helpdesk portals, mobile responsive intranets and extranets, workflow systems and much more.

Custom SharePoint Intranets

Our team can transform your SharePoint Intranet into a fully functional helpdesk portal, HR Management Solution or provide you with an enhanced knowledge management platform. We will ensure your solution is mobile optimized and fully accessible, to encourage high user adoption, and streamlined workflows. We utilize the most up-to-date- custom tools and add-ons, to provide an innovative end user experience, with custom user friendly dashboards, and smooth navigation.


Custom SharePoint Workflow Management

Automating business processes, will help your organization increase efficiency and help employees manage their daily activities. We help businesses achieve a custom SharePoint Workflow Management Solution, by starting with in depth analysis of your business processes and challenges. After consultation our team can implement both custom and out of the box workflows and event receivers, to assist your workforce’s performance.

Custom SharePoint Document Management

We deliver fully functional document management solutions to ensure uninterrupted and error-free document flows throughout your company. By implementing well-structured document libraries, we enable metadata features to allow end-users to easily access the documents they require, whilst also maintaining security and data protection protocols, in line with your organization’s rules and processes.


Custom SharePoint Project Management

Our team implements SharePoint Management Solutions for small, medium and enterprise clients, tailored to specific project requirements and processes. Our development team implements innovative tools to enhance collaborative project planning, tracking, and time management. We evaluate your businesses data protection processes to provide secure solutions, by adding user permissions, admin, rights, and more.

Custom SharePoint Knowledge Management

Our team is experienced in delivering knowledge management systems from scratch or adding knowledge management tools to your business’s existing SharePoint Solution. We help businesses take full advantage of their corporate knowledge, knowledge sharing, and maintaining valuable knowledge storage platforms. We enable secure distribution and maintenance of knowledge by implementing tools and security protocols to your SharePoint Knowledge Management Solution, ensuring your company’s knowledge assets are safe and protected.


Custom SharePoint Innovation Management

Increase your workforce’s collaboration and innovation with secure SharePoint Innovative Management Solutions. Our team will design and develop custom solutions to support your employees throughout the full cycle of product/service development, from their first initial concept, to design, development and provision of innovative products and services.

Custom SharePoint HR Solutions

We provide custom HRM solutions to support your human resources department to deliver enhanced functionality and delivery of recruitment, employee development, training, and onboarding, as well as managing employees holiday, sick leave, and attendance rates. In developing HRM Solutions we can help businesses to increase employee retention, stay compliant with workforce regulations, and react quickly to internal personnel issues.

SharePoint-based Public Websites

SharePoint has been utilized for years as a powerful CMS, (Content management system) to facilitate mobile responsive, user friendly public websites. Our team delivers custom websites, that are user-friendly in terms of both visitor use and back end administration. We ensure your solution is easy to maintain, update and manage. Our team will also implement specific authentication methods and security solutions to ensure your website data is secure and protected.

Why Chose SharePoint Solution to Develop Your SharePoint Solution?

At SharePoint Solution, we have a dedicated, experienced team that has many years’ experience in delivering a full range of SharePoint Services, all the way through from Consultancy to Support, Training and Maintenance. We can ensure your Solution is scalable to meet your business’s future growth and provide valuable training services to ensure end user adoption.

We are dedicated to building long lasting client relationships. We have consultancy experience across a wide range of industries, and across varying project scopes, from consulting on simple solutions for small businesses, to providing advice and guidance on large scale complex projects. Each project has its own unique requirements, therefore we prioritize the consultancy stages, to fully establish your business’s challenges and requirements.

We have a diverse team of consultants and developers who are competent across a large range of technology stacks. We can help take your SharePoint Vision and transform it into a valuable business solution.

User adoption is our main priority when developing your SharePoint Solution. We ensure your platform is fully functional, accessible, and user friendly. We also dedicate time to guarantee your employees are fully trained on your SharePoint solution, and utilize the solution to the best of its capabilities, in order to support their daily workloads and tasks.

We can help you plan, develop and implement your SharePoint Solution. Whether you have a full vision of your solutions capabilities, or just a few ideas, talk to our friendly consultants today for a free confidential consultation.