SharePoint Document Management

Enterprise Document Management is increasingly in demand due to the complexities and challenges businesses face in fast moving, expanding market environments. Forward thinking software providers are not just providing document storage solutions, they are adding further functionality with maintainable and collaborative capabilities.

To help your business stay ahead of ever evolving document management requirements, our SharePoint Development Team is experienced at delivering custom document management solutions, to support document sharing, document collaboration and to provide reliable end user accessibility, without compromising on security and data protection.

Our Document Management Solutions can be implemented across SharePoint on Premise, SharePoint Online and office 365. We can implement tools that will help enable end users to access the documents they need, at any time, from any location, through a secure and efficient document management portal.

Why Choose a Document Management System on SharePoint?

Single Document Storage for Business

SharePoint document management solutions help your business with document storing and structuring, by organizing all documents into a clear filing system of folders and lists, enabling end users to immediately and easily access documents they require, at any moment. Innovative features also allow for document management of multilingual content for businesses operating worldwide and communicating with consumers through a multitude of languages.The document management platform supports file types such as docx, .pdf, .pptx, .zip, .odt, .ods, .xslb, .ppsx and many more.Business subscribers to both Office 365 and SharePoint Online also have the benefit of collaborating on 270 content types including 3D models.

Secure Document Sharing and Collaboration

Features of the SharePoint Document Management solution include document collaboration tools for businesses, allowing secure document sharing and editing across multiple end users, and devises. It also enables secure file sharing with clients and external users, with group sharing functionality.Real-Time document co-authoring allows users to edit Word Documents, PowerPoint Presentations and Excel Spreadsheets, at the same time, whilst also preventing replication of the document.Utilizing document versioning in SharePoint, enables you to track document versions and changes made by users, as well as restore previous versions of a document when required.As businesses rely heavily on data security and secure group file sharing, the document collaboration tool prevents data loss as well as providing system alerts, when sharing or creating documents containing potentially sensitive company data, preventing accidental data exposure.

24/7 Document Accessibility and Availability

Adopting SharePoint for document management enables you to access files from your PC, tablet or smartphone, where mobile versions of your DMS can be implemented to support a variety of desktop features, ensuring full features of document collaboration and editing are available.Document Availability features within the DNS means end users have the ability to work online and offline. OneDrive storage offers the capability to create and edit documents offline, and then synchronizes automatically when the device is once again connected to SharePoint.

Document Discovery with Metadata Search Tool

SharePoint Pervasive search tool enables end users to find documents through a user-friendly Google-like search function. End Users can refine and modify search parameters through the use of metadata to get accurate search results.Document locations within the document management tool, are assigned multiple attributes, in order to create a comprehensive configuration for each document to ensure accurate filtering and search results.SharePoint Document Management Solution can also provide reliable document archiving solutions to ensure the storage of valuable documents until they are required.Do you have more questions on SharePoint Document Management Features? Contact SharePoint Solution Developers to find out more.


If you want to know even more about SharePoint document management features, please address your questions to our SharePoint developers.


Identify The Document Management Solutions Your Business Requires

SharePoint Solution’s SharePoint Consulting team develop solutions tailored to your business’s needs:


Our team of experienced developers can provide your business with a fully-functional SharePoint document management system. Our team endeavors to fully understand the needs of your end users as well as your business operations and processes, whether you are utilizing On-premise, SaaS or Hybrid Systems, in order to plan and develop a DMS that is tailored for your specific business requisites.


We can augment your current SharePoint or Office 365 DMS by designing and implementing additional document management features. Maybe you have been utilizing SharePoint as an end user collaboration platform to build your workplace community, or to manage your HR processes. In these instances, our development team can implement innovative features that can be made available across your entire company network.


We are here to help you customize your existing solution, and modify your document management tools to meet changes in business conditions. As your business grows, new challenges will arise. If you feel your current solution needs updating our development team are happy to assist.


Migrating from your existing document management solution may seem like a daunting task, but our team at SharePoint Solution is available to lighten the burden and provide all the necessary planning and implementation processes to ensure a smooth transition of your company’s DMS. Our team provides full support and development to ensure a smooth migration from third party DMS providers such as OpenText, IBM Connections, Alfresco, Box, M-Files, Dropbox, or any other platform-based or custom solution to Office 365, SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2013, or 2016. Our team can enable a smooth transition from an existing on-premises deployment to a SaaS platform, by adapting existing on-premise features of your document management system, to meet cloud specifics.

No More Document Management Worries

SharePoint Solution has provided document management solutions to a large portfolio of clients and prevailed at addressing and resolving issues relating to disorganized document flow, uncontrollable loss of documents, and unsearchable DMS.

Does your business have issues with any of the following document management challenges?

  • Random document accumulation across document repositories
  • Time consuming and unorganized document workflows
  • Arduous document reuse
  • Business errors resulting in improper document usage
  • Corruption or loss of valuable documents


If so it may be time to re-evaluate your Document Management System and see how your business can implement positive changes.