SharePoint Intranets

SharePoint Solution Team are experts in implementing and optimizing SharePoint Intranets to both SME and Enterprise Clients. We understand the importance of adopting new solutions to meet the needs of evolving business operations, strategies, new technologies, and competing effectively across a multitude of markets.

At SharePoint Solutions, we want to hear about your specific business values, goals, team collaboration style and operational challenges, so that we can better understand how we can tailor a SharePoint Intranet Solution to meet your specific business requirements, whether it be to increase employee collaboration, productivity, or effectively manage operational processes and training.

We value each client, and no project is too big or too small. Our portfolio consists of small to medium businesses as well as enterprise clients, and we are dedicated to providing high services standards, and building strong relationships.

SharePoint Solution has implemented SharePoint Solutions across many industries, including retail, commercial, education, and logistics, to name a few!

Comprehensive SharePoint Services For Your Business Intranet

SharePoint Solution offers a comprehensive range of SharePoint services throughout every stage of your business intranet implementation.

SharePoint consulting

Our team offers expert advice and support to businesses facing challenges with factors such as SharePoint intranet deployment, SharePoint performance issues, or a low user adoption rate of your business intranet. Our team can guide and support you in making the necessary changes to improve your intranet performance and user adoption, to help you to make the very best out of your SharePoint business portal.


SharePoint Architecture & Design

Our team will carefully prepare, design, and optimize your SharePoint architecture, to ensure you benefit from a stable, error free, high performing business intranet. Our full range of architectural services includes service application planning, capacity planning, architectural design as well as information architecture, managed administration, search integration and more. Our innovative team of UX and UI designers provides businesses with intuitive, multi-functional, eye-catching SharePoint intranet designs, which will help you enhance business productivity and create a user-friendly experience.


SharePoint Intranet Development

Our team is experienced in providing SharePoint Intranets across a multitude of environments to meet the needs of your business. We can provide SharePoint On-premise (all versions), SharePoint Online, Office 365 and Hybrid SharePoint solutions.


Company Intranet Customization

We implement branded intranet user interfaces, fully equipped with the functionality your business needs. We can customize features specific to your organizations day to day operations, help you to improve and implement your business processes, increase employee collaboration and productivity, and promote your business specific strategies and goals.


Company Intranet testing

Our team is here to support you throughout every step of implementing or upgrading your business intranet solution. Our testing team will ensure to deliver a SharePoint intranet solution that performs at the highest level. We will test every detail of your company intranet to ensure a stable and reliable intranet solution for both your business and your employees.


Attention to Detail Ensures You The Best Business Intranet Solution

There are many components that need to be considered in order to provide businesses with a SharePoint Intranet Solution that will exceed expectations. Our team prides themselves on the attention to detail they pay to every aspect of designing and implementing the best intranet solution, tailored to your specific business requirements.

End-User Adoption

The effectiveness of your intranet solution relies on users adopting the solution, and features provided. A user friendly, innovative and reliable solution will ensure your SharePoint Intranet will fit your business purposes, and your employee’s requirements.

Security & Data Protection

The security and privacy of your corporate data is of the utmost importance. Our team will implement your intranet solution with the most up-to-date security controls, enable user permissions, allowing for management data administration. Your SharePoint intranet services will comply with your businesses security protocol, and privacy standards, to ensure the highest standards of data protection are met.

Existing Technology & Integration

Your SharePoint Intranet Solution should be at the center of all your business technology applications, allowing for enhanced collaboration and increased user performance. This promotes the continuation of your business’ operational processes and the synergism of your company’s departments.

Reliable and Functional Mobility

With businesses operating on a world-wide scale, operating over multiple office locations, and tapping into worldwide talent by hiring more and more remote workers, employees are ever more in need of a collaborative and accessible platform that they can connect to, in any place and at any time, through a multitude of devices. SharePoint intranet solutions can provide a mobile, flexible and innovative solution to meet your employees' needs, and assist them throughout their day to day tasks.

SharePoint Intranet Facilitating Employee Efficiency, Productivity & Collaboration


SharePoint Collaboration tools provide a variety of communication applications, allowing your employees to stay in touch with their coworkers, and teams. In understanding employees existing methods, specific tools can be integrated to meet the needs and preferences of the end-users.

Project Management

Task and project management tools allow for more efficient project management solutions, progress tracking, and time management. Increase your business project delivery, and stay on budget, and on time.

Accessible Information

Our team can implement tailored search capabilities, allowing coworkers to quickly find information and connect with relevant colleagues, enabling them to quickly find their own problem-solving solutions.

Business Intelligence

Knowledge management features promote a growth of corporate knowledge across business users. Knowledge management tools will enable your company to collect, store and share important business information.

Building a Strong Community

Implementing business branding, and social tools allow business users to build strong team relationships and promotes a sense of business community. Adopting intranet social hubs and forums can drive your business forward, by engaging your workforce and promoting a more collaborative and team focused work ethic.

Flexible/Remote Worker Support

Assist end users in their day to day tasks and aid them in keeping connected to the business, while remote or flexi working, by adapting your intranet to improve accessibility across a multitude of devises, browsers, and applications.

What Are Your Business Intranet Challenges?

  • Are you looking to implement an Intranet Solution for your business, but are unsure of where to start?
  • Do you have an existing intranet solution that is not meeting end-user demands?
  • Are you facing performance issues or low adoption rates of your current solutions?

Whatever your business challenges we are here to listen.