MLS IT Solution provides a wealth of knowledge combining years of experience of designing and developing e-commerce solutions for small medium and enterprise businesses. We have helped businesses from small independent online retailers, to large high street retailers to develop complex solutions to their e-commerce challenges, develop mobile optimized applications and enhance their consumers experience with their retail brand.

We provide ourselves in providing our clients years of technical expertise as well as many years of experience in working in the field of online retailing. As we also experienced in providing data analytics and CX solutions and services, we can provide a full range of E-Commerce services, to meet each business’ unique requirements and vision.



       Business analysis
At MLS IT Solution our Ecommerce consultants will start by analyzing your business offering and current e-commerce solutions, in order to develop an innovative e-commerce strategy that fits both your organization’s and your customer's unique requirements.
       UX research and design
Our consultants will also carry out in depth user experience research, to understand and develop an e-commerce solution that is aligned with your consumer needs providing your business with advanced UX design concepts.
       Ecommerce website design/redesign
Our team has a wealth of experience in developing online stores, for a multitude of online retailers. We will create a powerful user-friendly platform to enhance your customers online shopping experience, ensuring mobile optimization and OS compatibility to enable consumers to purchase from your site, at any time, from any device, providing an error free, smooth shopping experience.
       Ecommerce website development
When developing your E-commerce web solutions, we consider both the customer experience and your IT Team’s technical competencies, providing a user-friendly solution, with custom tools that allow easy product range management, SKU Management, Content Management etc. We also utilize years of industry experience to ensure your solution is cutting edge, offering customers the latest of convenient online shopping features.
       Migration to a modern ecommerce platform
Our team is experienced in providing Migration solutions to businesses looking to move to an alternative E-Commerce Solution. We endeavor to provide you with the best solutions to meet your E-Commerce challenges. Whether your existing solution is no longer scalable to your business growth, or you are looking for increased functionality, or customized solutions, our consultancy team are here to help. We guarantee a smooth transition of your online store to a solution that meets your requirements and e-Commerce strategies and goals.
       Mobile commerce development
It is vital that all E-Commerce sites offer smooth, error free, mobile solutions. Our team will develop mobile friendly, OS compatible versions of your e-commerce site, to increase your consumer base, conversion rates and customer retention.
       Custom extensions and plugins development
Our team can develop increased functionality your e-commerce site by creating and implementing custom extensions and plugins. We enable businesses to provide bespoke features to their customers, ensuring they are one step ahead of their competition.
       Support and Maintenance
At MLS IT Solutions, we are proud to provide our clients with high quality platform training, 24/7 technical support for your E-Commerce site, and provide upgrades and other support services, to ensure your E-Commerce Solution is functioning and available to your customers, both day and night.




Search Engine Visibility and Optimization

We develop your E-Commerce site utilizing a range of techniques and tools to ensure SEO compliance. Including;

  • implementing a high performing, mobile responsive website
  • Well-structured site map
  • Content-rich pages including meta tags, page titles, clean URL’s & W3C markup validation services.


Product and Inventor Management

At MLS IT Solutions we provide e-commerce solutions that enable enhanced search functionality, to enable consumers to find your products quickly, across any browser

  • Establish easy navigation and accurate site search functionality throughout your E-Commerce website
  • Variation and category product displays, up-selling – cross – selling with product suggestion functionality
  • Create complex personalized product displays to enhance CX and drive sales.
  • Integrate product reviews, images, video content and interactive apps to increase consumer confidence and product engagement.
  • Enable targeted promotion and marketing campaigns based on consumer purchasing trends
  • Integrate inventory management software, SOP platforms, Payment platforms, to ensure a smooth customer service experience


Customer Engagement

We utilize a range of tools and techniques to transform your web traffic into loyal consumers.

  • Build a customer engagement ecosystem
  • Personalized content based on advanced ecommerce analytics
  • Loyalty Campaign Management
  • Mobile ecommerce
  • Social Media & Email Marketing and Text, integration
  • Live chat, text and interactive applications
  • Ad Campaigns, PPC, Display, Remarketing functionality
  • Increased customer experience functionality, such as wish lists, saving product lists, multilingual support, multiple payment gateways

Advanced Ecommerce analytics

We can help businesses measure their ecommerce performance, customer brand experience, consumer shopping behaviors, brand consumption and dialog behaviors by utilizing advanced analytics techniques. We also provide big data analytics for large online retailers, and enhanced CX reporting.

Payment Options

We ensure your customers can make secure payment through your e-commerce platform, through their preferred method, in order to reduce risk of abandonment at checkout stage. (Paypal, 3rd party payment providers)

Product Delivery

We provide a smooth platform with SOP integration, ensuring smooth delivery and tracking options to your customers. Your e-commerce portal can be customized to include flexible delivery options for consumers and tired shipping rates. (region based, duration based). Is your company looking to enhance your online shopping experience? Talk to our ecommerce developers today to discuss your e-commerce vision

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