MLS IT Solution has an experienced team of ecommerce developers, that have extensive knowledge of providing custom ecommerce platforms to small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Our developers can customize and tailor features and tools to enhance your customer experience and provide a powerful, unique platform to meet your business objectives and vision. Ecommerce solutions are constantly evolving in order to keep up with consumer trends and behaviors, and our team strive to provide our clients with cutting edge tools and features, to help businesses stay competitive and fuel accelerated growth of their consumer base and revenue.



Our team understand that there is more than technical ability required, in developing a profitable e-commerce site, whereby our developers utilize their experience in designing and implementing solutions for the retail industry along with gathering a deep understanding of your business processes and consumer behaviors from historical purchasing data.

We carefully plan each stage of the development process and maintain strong communication with your project managers, to ensure you receive the best service with detailed progress updates, to ensure we meet our deadlines throughout the development project, all the way through to the launch of your ecommerce platform.



MLS IT Solution’s design and development team have many years’ experience in various platforms key features, and best practices. We guarantee to deliver an Ecommerce platform to our clients with the functionality and tools that fits their ecommerce vision, and user experience goals. Our full cycle design and development services includes;

UX Design

Our team go the extra mile in understanding your consumer and business requirements with in depth consultancy, so that our Ecommerce design team can offer you the best platform to provide an innovative and tailored customer experience.

UI Design

Our team will carefully design innovative and interactive user interface that will allow for effective communication between your business and your customers. We ensure that your ecommerce platform’s UI is visually appealing, and in line with promoting your brand and corporate culture.

Implementation & Customization Services

Whether your business needs a new ecommerce site, or you are looking to improve upon your existing solution, our consultants and developers are here to help you at any stage of your ecommerce project. Our team can customize your platform to offer an improved customer experience, improve check out design, add cross sell/up sell tools, cart add-ons, and much more to enhance your e-shops capabilities and enhance business to customer interactions.

Ecommerce Platform Migration

Our development team are experienced in migrating your e-commerce platform. Each migration consists of four components to ensure a smooth migration of your current solution from data migration, extensions, customization migration and theme migration. Our development team adopt best practices, to guarantee your transition to your upgraded platform provides your customers with an error free, smooth shopping experience, with no loss of historical consumer data.

Training, Support, and Maintenance

At MLS IT Solution we provide extensive platform training to ensure your ecommerce team are able to make use of their new platform to its full potential. We align our training programs with your company’s goals, visions, and processes.
Our team understand the negative affect e-commerce site malfunctions can have on visitor numbers, customer retention and revenue. We offer 24/7 support to ensure your visitors have a positive, user friendly experience with your business’ e-shop, to convert visitors to consumers, and ultimately drive revenue.


At MLS IT SOLUTION, we understand online retailers need more than just an out-of-the-box platform solution in order to compete effectively in fast paced industry environments and highly competitive markets.

By customizing your platform, we provide your business with a platform which will convert site visitors into returning customers by giving consumers a unique online shopping experience in line with your brand and corporate culture. Our development team are experienced in handling complex projects, and by implementing innovative solutions to resolve your ecommerce challenges.


Multi-store retailing from the same back end

In utilizing advanced development features, our team can enable multi store management from within the same platform. This enables your ecommerce team efficient administration and product management features across all your online stores from a single back end platform.

Integration with other platforms and systems


Our team can integrate your e-commerce platform with your business enterprise software including CRM solutions, accountancy solutions, 3rd party payment solutions, inventory management solutions etc. to enable a smooth customer experience from purchasing and payment, to delivery of products. By integrating multiple platforms to a single back end, your ecommerce team have an enhanced view of the sales order process and fulfillment, enabling them to provide improved customer service, and handle order issues quickly and effectively.


There are many marketing capabilities available across various platforms, that enables your e-shop to increase consumer engagement. We ensure a back-end solution that is in line with your team’s technical capabilities, to allow them to run promotions, seasonal sales, discount offers, and create/amend product updates easily, without the need for technical assistance.

Online personalization

With customer segmentation capabilities our team can provide innovate reporting and accessibility to customers historical data, and implement predictive data tools, in order to personalize sales and marketing campaigns, and ultimately increase ROI. These features also enable your ecommerce team to offer your customers preferred payment, and delivery services, making it as convenient as possible for customers to purchase and receive your products, boosting customer retention rates and brand loyalty.

Online merchandizing


Our team can help your business plan high performing online merchandising strategies by creating striking online product displays, to help your consumers visualize how your products can meet their needs. Online techniques include increased search functionality, predictive product suggestions, category grouping, and the conveyance of “lifestyle images”, based on customer segmentation and data analytics.

Extension development

Whatever your business needs our team can create custom extensions to fulfill them, from enhancement of loyalty programs, to increased methods of communication, our team will help you deliver the functionality, in line with your ecommerce vision.




To ensure your business stays one step ahead of your competition, our team can help find the right solution to resolve your ecommerce challenges:

  • Challenge - Low Website Traffic.
    Solution- We ensure your ecommerce website is both user friendly and SEO compliant. Our consultants have vast experience in delivering SEO services to clients, ensuring their ecommerce website is designed and developed to rank high in google searches. We can also help you increase online traffic by ensuring your e-shop is mobile responsive, and compatible across all devices.
  • Challenge - Small Consumer Base.
    Solution- To convert your ecommerce website traffic into loyal consumers we help businesses to increase their consumer base by creating a more interactive platform in which your customers can fully discover your product ranges. We can encourage more engagement with your business, through the use of live chat functionality, product forums, feedback, FAQ pages, and product videos, to increase consumer trust, and create a connection between your brand and each individual visitor.
  • Challenge – Low Customer Retention.
    Solution- By utilizing historical and real time data, we can analyze purchasing and engagement trends to provide automated predictive product marketing, based on customer segmentation. In providing your business a better understanding of your consumer behavior your ecommerce team can improve your service offering, communication and customer experience in order to promote brand loyalty, and customer retention.
  • Challenge – Low ROI on Marketing Campaigns.
    Solution- Create more targeted, personalized marketing campaigns and increase conversion rates, by utilizing customer segmentation capabilities. We help you market to your consumers, not with hard selling tactics, but by helping your website visitors visualize their need for your products.
  • Challenge - Compatibility Issues
    Solution- Website traffic comes from a wide array of browsers, and our team ensures your website is fully compatible to minimize bounce rates and ensure a fluid flow through of traffic across all your website pages.


Talk to us today and let us know about your ecommerce challenges. Our team are here to provide you with a free consultation