Our ecommerce team not only specializes in ecommerce platforms for B2C, but also in B2B e-commerce platforms, that provide companies the functionality they need in order to build solid relationships with their clients and provide a more convenient method of managing their online purchasing account. Our team design, develop and implement the below features, specifically tailored to a B2B ecommerce environment to help you reach your business objectives:


Security & Data Protection.

At MLS Solution we understand how imperative is to your business, that your client information is secure and protected. We help develop advanced data protection features such as user permissions, roles and access rights, ensuring that sensitive data, reports and payment history is protected and aligned with your company’s security policies and processes.

Personalized Client Company Accounts.

Your customers benefit from a comprehensive account that stores complete company information including billing and shipping preferences, newsletter subscriptions, wish lists and more. Faster checkout and a possibility to reorder directly from a personal business account makes the customer journey across your web store time-saving and convenient.

Channel/Distribution Management

We help build custom features to enable access for distribution, and channel management, by implementing portals that provide your partners in other counties to provide client/consumer features, which can all be monitored from your business portals back end administration. Tailoring partner portals that can be customized by language, currency, and other region related specifics, as well as margin % and other purchasing/quotation requirements.

Flexible Payment Options

Secure and convenient payment options are imperative in converting website traffic into loyal clients. Our team develop ecommerce sites for B2B environments, to minimize our clients worries regarding online payments, by implementing a variety of payment options to meet individual customer preferences such as 3rd party credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, and money orders.

Intuitive Catalog

Our team develop advanced site search functionality to compliment your B2B ecommerce site, from enabling search by product type, reference number, SKU, part code, bar code and more. We understand the faster a client is able to find their desired product, the more likely they are to purchase. With intuitive catalogue implementation, clients can automatically add items to their cart based on their preferred search method.

Comprehensive product listings.

In order to provide your clients all the information they require in order to feel confident in purchasing your product, we develop comprehensive product listing pages enhanced with features such as product tutorial/promotional videos, product technical specifications, varieties and variables, stock statuses and delivery timescales, and more, thus enabling clients to make thorough purchasing decisions.

Custom catalogs

We develop specific custom catalogs to each of your clients, based on customer segmentation, purchasing behavior and predictive analytics, promoting your product range to each client’s personal requirement. These ecommerce features can also enable your ecommerce administrative team to set promotions, pricing options and discounts for each individual client.

Bulk orders

We develop bulk ordering features which can include features such as personalized tiered pricing structures or discount options.


In order to improve your clients experience with your ecommerce site we can implement pre ordering features, so that you can automatically fulfil your customers purchases as soon as your products are made available.

Repeat orders

We offer further purchasing features, enabling your clients to place repeat orders from their personal account, in just a few clicks, so they do not have to go through the full purchasing process again.

Automated/Negotiable/Personalized Partner Quotations

Enable your sales team to generate client quotes in just a few clicks, while automatically applying individual pricing rules per each client.

Flexible International Shipping

To further excel your customer service offering we can enable your clients to set multiple shipping addresses for each of their orders, with flexible international shipping features, making it as convenient as possible for your clients to receive orders across multiple office/warehouse locations.


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